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Hnry Flwr

HNRY FLWR shares video for "Little Brother," plays Knit on 01/19 w/ Uni & Blame Candy on 1/19

Since releasing debut EP Flowerama this past summer, Brooklyn art rockers HNRY FLWR have been on a roll. The brainchild of songwriter David Van Witt just unveiled a second video for single “Little Brother” (streaming below). While the sound comes across as atmospheric and almost eerily otherworldly, the video is comprised entirely of home movie footage from David's childhood. The song's lyrical content reveals an introspective look at the cycle of violence and bullying learned at an early age. “Beating little brothers out of love. There is still a violence that I'm feeding. Compensating for the fear that I'm not tough. Finding tiny little brothers within you.” The video presents a poignant look at childhood innocence juxtaposed against the songs foreboding subject matter.  HNRY FLWR will open for glam-rockers Uni and Blame Candy at the Knitting Factory on 1/19. -Dave Cromwell

Hnry Flwr drops new video for "As Above, So Below"

Hnry Flwr is back with a new video for his track "As Above, So Below." With his signature spidery makeup framing his poker-face vocal delivery, Hnry Flwr traverses multiple outdoor landscapes before cutting to footage of deer, altars and other heavily allegorical imagery that the song's title may imply. The result is a dark, challenging clip that's well worth multiple watches. Check out the video streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni


HNRY FLWR release EP "Flowerama" play Berlin on 6/16

Brooklyn musician David Van Witt records and plays live (with a band) under the name HNRY FLWR.  After spending the last two years honing his project's live show, he found a home for his debut EP 'Flowerama' at NYC's Paper Garden Records.  Opening track “Stranger” moves from somber beginnings into a bright keyboard driven anthem. Nuanced layers emerge throughout with cascading background vocals and buzzing synths.  “As Above, So Below” (streaming) slithers along like a soundtrack to some middle-eastern mystery quest film.  Ballad “Little Brother” explores the cycle of violent abuse, ultimately concluding that “now I’ve become those bruises on your arms.”  “Down In Carolina” is propelled along by a deliberate bass line under bright synthesizer enhancements.  There’s a muted, distant quality to the vocals that add an air of mystery and depth to the track.  Closing track “Context (Trans-Pecos, On A Full Moon, On A Monday)” sounds pretty much as the title suggests - this acoustic-guitar-only live track was recorded at the Queens' venue. The EP release show is Friday 6/16 at Berlin with The Undercover Dream Lovers and Rhinestone. - Dave Cromwell

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Hnry Flwr dances solo in debut video for "Down, in Carolina" + plays Shea Stadium on 02.10

In the late '60s, Jim Morrison, in this interview, clearly predicted the future of music, envisioning something unimaginable at the time: a one person act, using tapes and electronic equipment as his or her band. We wonder if the psychedelic icon's dream looked and sounded similar to HNRY FLWR's video for "Down, in Carolina," which we are premiering below. Even though, in it, musical instruments are nowhere to be seen, David Van Witt, the psychedelic mastermind behind the project, doesn't do anything to hide the fact that he has full control of his creative output: the video plays like a solo dance full of glam overtones and lush with sensual background projections, during which David seems to do its best to... woo himself - in a self courting ritual that's synonymous with art. Those who, like us, love the the quirky and somewhat meditative psychedelic pop of Grandaddy may have found a new friend. Hnry Flowr will be playing in quartet setup at Shea Stadium on February 10.


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