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Home By Hovercraft

Borrisokane & Oscillations Records Aim to Make Your Scene Dreams Come True

Austin electro-pop group, Borrisokane, is in the process of curating a project that hopes to bring together our local music scene in an ambitious and, frankly, really darn cool way. They’re calling it the Versus Project: six Texas bands will cover a Borrisokane song and in addition contribute something new of their own. Borrisokane will return in kind, rounding out the total to 24 songs, with 12 covers and 6 new tracks from the host band. Look forward to tracks from MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR, Knifight, Yum, Pageantry, Young Tongue (formerly The Baker Family) and Home by Hovercraft.

The whole package will be split onto six disks and put into a lovely box-set with artwork from Shawn Magill. There’s a Kickstarter set up, and you have until early March to help it happen. If the campaign is successful, the full project will be released on Earth Day, April 22nd, through the homegrown Oscillation Records. Too much good music is being promised for us to let this go by the way-side! And now, for a taste of what’s (hopefully) to come; check out Borrisokane’s “Sinking Catalina” covered by Young Tongue (The Baker Family) below!  --Written by Marie Meyers

Migrant Kids Album Release, 9/24/13, Show 8/15/13 @ The Parish w/ Home By Hovercraft

Spinning, trancing vocals through ambient chords, Migrant Kids' music acts to posses listeners. They describe it as a drug trip, and that captures dead on what I remember feeling the first time I listened Migrant Kids' music: it clouded my thoughts and took me over. In describing their sound alone, the chill vibes of their instrumentals full of other worldly sounds riding on the beat of Bryan O’Flynn’s drums along with Miguel Ojeda and John Zakoor’s hushed, but sensual and powerful voices, puts me somewhere between a heart attack and passing out.

The first time I listened to Migrant Kids was not only painful because it was just too good, it was painful because there was only one song available at that point. As a lucky writer for The Deli, I got a sneak peek at their new album and it couldn't be more satisfying than the rush of a good hit. One of their singles and the song that originally drew me in, "Canvas of Me" has haunting lyrics, dripping in heartbreak: "I've drawn myself out of your blood. You can't stop this from drying." They really go right for the feels.

Their songs lead you through a web of poetics where you'll encounter fear, uncertainty, and depression as the album takes you through the many stages of a breakup. Be sure to check out their new self titled album (along with my personal favorite “Act I”) 9/24/2013 and catch them at their album release show 9/27/13 at Spider House Ballroom. In the meantime, head over to The Parish on 8/15/13 to see Migrant Kids live with Home By Hovercraft. —Written by Katy Glass 


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