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Hunters land on the cover of The Village Voice, play Death By Audio on 12.11

We are big fans of Hunters (their latest EP was our Record of the month in February 2012) and it's great to see them on the cover of The Village Voice - big, big thumbs up to the free NYC weekly for picking one of the best (and still very underrated) emerging local bands. The duo plays what could be described as "primal noise rock that makes sense" - i.e. noisy songs rather than just a random accumulation of noise and out of tune vocals. Hunters recently shared stages with Montreal's buzz band Metz and will be playing live in NYC on December 11 at Death By Audio - do not miss!

P.S. We wonder if Hunters will post the news about this cover on their Facebook profile or website (not for now). Sometimes these indie bands are a little self conscious or I-don't-know-what - modest? pretend they don't care?. When they do it to us (it happened recently with Foxygen - YOU BRILLIANT BASTARDS!!!) it always hurts like hell. But we are a baby publication with immature staff and constant need for promotion, The Village Voice probably won't care about that stuff. Or will it? Anyway, one day we'll have to write an article about bands too cool to promote themselves... funny thing is, that's how many of us were too when we played in bands!


Hunters tours with APTBS + releases new single

We already praised Brooklyn Hunters' super-tense approach to noise-rock in more than one occasion (they were our NYC record of the month in February). Well it looks like NYC reigning noise champions A Place to Bury Strangers also have taken notice of this sonically uncompromising duo. The band (whose debut EP was partly mixed by YYY's guitarist Nick Zinner) just released the new single "Street Trash" (streaming below) and announced a July East Coast tour with A Place to Bury Strangers. It's going to be like a series sonic blasts across the coast, indeed!

Show to see on Thursday: Hunters brings the noise to Mercury

Hunters is our favorite NYC emerging noise rock band, and they are playing The Mercury Lounge on Thursday March 22. If you like your indie rock tense and noisy like we do, you don't want to miss this one.

February 2012
"Hands On Fire

Some bands are able to unlock our composed, western to the bone, over-structured civility and speak directly to whatever primal receptor is left inside us. Hunters do this to us. This very new Brooklyn bass-less noise-rock duo has a wild, exciting sound comprised of menacing, often atonal guitars, clangy and explosive drums, and vocals that unapologetically speak of our most basic, repressed needs and wishes. Like in the opening track from the EP "Hands on Fire" - check out these lyrics: "I want it! - I need it! - I want it! - I need it! - I want it! - I need it! - I want it! - I need it!". Now, these are words we all wish we could say more often, aren't they? The band’s sound is unrefined and visceral. You can almost hear the grit and dirt on their instruments as they bash out their grungy, feedback-drenched riffs and almightily-whacked drum loops, while the desperate yelps of lead vocalists Derek Watson and Isabel Almeida add extra frenetic energy. Hunters' raw, punk authenticity is something many aim for, but few pull off quite as memorably.


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