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NYC bands on the rise: Isadora

Isadora’s latest, the "Predators EP", strikes a fine balance between their song’s underlying dreaminess, and an unapologetic ebullience featured on later tracks. The songs are reliably catchy throughout, but some, such as "Barcelona" (streaming) will knock you sideways. In this song, the hook comes early, a brief and sticky piano phrase wrapped tightly in a snare and shaker groove. The song’s chorus, conversely, develops more gradually. The first pass at it is fleeting, hinting at this section’s later flourish and then reengaging the listener with the piano refrain, this time waist deep in wailing guitar. "Option A," another strong cut from the EP, also plays on this dynamic, gradually raising the temperature to degrees below soaring, expertly lapsing into a calmer pocket, before a final anthemic relapse. Catch Isadora 12/7 at Glasslands. - Emilio Herce


Isadora Plays Glasslands Gallery 2.22

I'm a sucker for stuff like this. Emotional doods, on top of tight grooves. For Brooklyn's Isadora, that's the way it goes. Fave track 'Barcelona' (only slightly ahead of '21 1/2') details some difficult experiences (and several types of lizards), but the slick feel will carry you away even before you've realized the weight of some of the material. It's a balance hard to effect, and makes the band all the more necessary. Check out their latest and see the group live when they release their debut EP at Glasslands on Fri, Feb 22. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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