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IYEZ release new single "Ov Rays" + play Bowery Electric 07.13

Brooklyn band IYEZ returns to awe listeners with new single Ov Rays. In addition to the band's signature, unearthly psychedelic sound, the single features a garage rock energy, propelled by sharp and punchy drumming and a sea of distorted guitars. Cloudy but tense vocals contribute to a psychedelic crescendo that's as nebular as it is relentless. The single also features a demo of "You Cried Out," a super stripped down psych-folk ballad that's at the opposite sonic extreme of the main single. Catch the sonic tunes of IYEZ this Thursday 07.13 at the Map Room at Bowery Electric. -Tafari Lemma


NYC band on the rise: noise rockers Russian Baths play Union Pool on 8/16

On their debut EP Ambulances, the Brooklyn-based band Russian Baths, lithely manages to forge melodic music that is equally haunting as it is noisy. Marked by a wraithlike set of vocals that float over layers of pedal-driven cacophony, the band's sound is so swirlingly hypnotic that it would make a perfect soundtrack for your next fever dream - should you ever need one. Russian Baths is distinctively New-York-Cool, and while their distorted guitars snarl and crunch their way through the two track release, the band still imbues them with a decidedly dance-y fervor. See them live at Union Pool on August 16th opening for IYEZ and Mueren Humanos. - Olivia Sisinni

Goth psych rockers IYEZ release 'WOR​$​HIP' EP + play Union Pool on 12.16

When the blues, the goth and the psych meet, the least you can expect is a nightmarish atmosphere. That's exactly what you get with NYC's IYEZ (pronounced "eyes"), a Brooklyn band we first highlighted earlier this year. The group has just released a new EP entitled "WOR$HIP," and preview single "Sister" (streaming) is a sonic assult carried out with a wall of distorted guitars, relentless druming, and a tense, psych/blues choral melody. The whole thing sounds as if the ghost of the proto-metal of the '60s had been awaken and administered modern drugs he didn't react too well to. You'll have a chance to experience all this live at Union Pool on 12.16.


(Until now) undetected Brooklyn Psych band: IYEZ

Psychedelia is having a huge influence on today's NYC rock scene, but there aren't that many bands able to recreate the genre's original mistical aura and semi-virtuoso performances. Enter Brooklyn's own IYEZ, a band we just found out about, even though they've been actively releasing records since 2011. Their lates creation is the full length Psychic Jungle, a multi dimensional psych rock record featuring this incredible tune "Purity" (streaming below), which is bound to console those of you disappointed with Tame Impala's rather... tame latest single.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Psych/Dream Pop songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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