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Jazze Belle

A Deli Premiere: Jazze Belle kicks it quixotic with EP "Go To Bed Standing Up"

The Deli Magazine is proud to premier Jazze Belle’s first EP, 'Go To Bed Standing Up.'  The four songs are an all too short celebration of those moments in life where we feel like we’re doing everything we can to make our dreams happen and it’s still not enough. In “Every Day Tomorrow,” vocalist Taylor Simone expresses perfectly how even our dreams can be a subtle form of torture; she sings, “My dreams are made of never ending alarms so I sleep with one eye open.” Those words should hit close to home for any New Yorker. We’re excited to be invited to the slumber party! - BrokeMc


Jazze Belle brings edgy, electronic R&B to Harlem Arts Festival on 6/25

As evidenced by their collaboration with The Songwriter's Orchestra to re-arrange their single "Jagged Edge," nu-soul duo Jazze Belle have already made some noise (and interesting connections!) in the NYC scene. Their sound can be described as mellow, darkly introspective soul. Producer Jett Carter employs simple percussions alongside minimal synth parts to create a wide, moon-lit soundscape for vocalist Taylor Simone to wander through. Her soulful, confident voice touches on themes pertaining to love, but mostly from the side of how self-doubt or other complexities of life can get in the way. Special mention is also due to Carter clevelry repurposing and altering Simone's voice to build vocal harmonies, creating transfixing moments that emphasize certain lyrics. With two singles and a slew of covers comprising their live shows to date, it will be interesting to see how these two evolve in future projects. You can see them live at the Harmlem Arts Festival on 6/25. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber

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