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Kami Maltz

Kami Maltz drops video for new single "Kingdom"; plays The Owl Music Parlor on 05.10

Kami Maltz has wowed listeners with her smooth voice, her blending of folk and electronic elements, and her ability to craft songs about complex emotions through catchy hooks and poetic lyrics. Her new single "Kingdom" has all of that; it dropped last week and has already started to gain some traction on streaming services. The Deli now premieres the track's video, which Maltz filmed with an all-female crew over the course of one day. The rainy day atmosphere of the video adds to Maltz's lyrics about romance and the soft arrangement of the track. If you want to catch Maltz live, she'll perform at the Owl Music Parlor in Prospect Lefferts Gardens on May 10. Until then, catch the premiere of the video for "Kingdom" below. - Will Sisskind


Kami Maltz releases new single "On The Loose"; plays Pete's Candy Store 03.03

Imagine Joanna Newsom's voice on top of the swirling instrumentals of a Lorde song. That sums up Kami Maltz's music in a nutshell. The Brooklyn singer/songwriter and co-producer released a new single chock full of that hypnotizing sound called "On The Loose". Though the song's a bedroom creation, it sports masterful production bringing out the humming basses and ethereal synths. She'll play the song along with many others on March 3rd, when she performs live at Pete's Candy Store with her new backing band. Don't miss out. - Will Sisskind

Kami Maltz premiers new video for “Rain” + plays Pete's Candy's on 06.18

Kami Maltz has one of those voices that dances through the air like a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower.  In the video for “Rain” from 2014’s Kami Maltz EP, Kami stands more or less motionless as images of nature fade and meld over her, a relentless dream, a treacherous magnificence.  “It was your dream and I followed through, this is where we’ve come.  The story’s still undone,” she sings with a knowing smirk - you can hear it live at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg on June 18th. - BrokeMC


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