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Corporal, 357 Lover, Mesiko and Soft Gang play The Bell House on 08.07

There's an interesting show at The Bell House on Friday August 7 featuring four rather unconventional emerging NYC bands - we are streaming their music below. Corporal (pictured), playing the headliner slot, is an alt folk project that at its best sounds like a folkier and more acoustic version of Beck, we are digging this single from their 2010 self titled debut album.


.357 Lover is a band that, according to their bandcamp tags, plays glam rock and aims at enterteining fans both at arenas and the dinner table. Their latest single 'Song of Anya,' inspired by the character from Game of Thrones, features celtic elements and not much in terms of glam influences, but it does have an arena rock/dinner table kind of feel to it - whatever that may suggest!


Mesiko, on stage at 8.30, is a band that received Deli-love before, and has been active since 2011. The trio plays an eclectic mix of roots rock and psychedelia, with alternating male/female vocals and occasional noir tinges. Their latest record 'Solar Door' never ceases to surprise and deserves a listen. 


Opening the night will be the most unconventional band on the bill, called Soft Gang, fronted by Japanese (we assume) singer Kaori Nakamura. The group doesn't have any recordings yet, but this live demo showcases heavy post punk inclinations.


Mesiko releases "Solar Door" at Bowery Electric on 11.09

Brooklyn's own Mesiko will be celebrating the release of their debut album "Solar Door" at Bowery Electric this coming Sunday (11.09). As you can hear from the preview single and opening track "Hamptons" (streaming below) the trio isn't easily pigeonholeable under one genre, but it owes more to American traditional music than this song may make you think. Throughout the album, Mesiko's effort to expand roots music's sonic palette in a psychedelic direction is obvious, and this song - dominated by a dark funk bass line leading to unexpected openings - is no exception.


NYC artists on the rise: Mesiko plays Rock Shop on 05.14

One of qualities we appreciate the most in a new band is how spontanous they sound - and that's what a lot of people seem to relate to in the new decade after years spent glorifying rather contrived music. But it's really, really hard to sound sponstaneous on record without sounding sloppy or careless. That's obviously not a problem for newly formed NYC band Mesico, or that's what we gather from this truly great alt-folk-rock tune streaming below, entitled "Lies" - check out the video here

Mixing traditional American music with authentic rock'n'roll attitude and a vein of psychedelia, "Lies" has the intensity of one of the best uptempo Nick Cave songs without being NOT fun. Mesiko released a three song EP in March, featuring Lies, and two country-ish noir ballads. See them live at Rock Shop on May 14 with Dawn Landes.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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