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Mister Tang

Mister Tang's Shakin' Bones

Ever get the feeling of impending invasion when a song starts playing? The newest single "Shakin' Bonesby Portland-based Mister Tang could be comparable to accidentally opening the door into a meth super-lab, and running away as fast as you can.  With it comes unraveling emotions of intimidation, disorientation and subtle aggression. Somehow, this song walks the fine line of echoing 1960s garage rock without crossing over to mimic it entirely. Tang's screeching "I wanted it all" over and over again brings the listener back to reality and away from the invasion. You're left realizing that we're all in this together.

- Colette Pomerleau


Interview with Mister Tang

Hey kids! The Tang gang has got their new EP, Baby's First EP (awww) out now Resurrection Records! The Deli Portland recently chatted them up about space drinks, playing music in bars when your not old enough to be in a bar, and brotherly love. They are playing another bar tonight (awww), catch  them at the Firkin Tavern with a ripping line-up of Glassbones, Psychomagic, and Manx. Something is gonna get broken. - Brandy Crowe

Read the interview here


Interview with Mister Tang

- by Brandy Crowe

So who is Mister Tang? Is it your last name?
Jeff: Yes, actually Stone and I are half brothers. 
Does this have anything to do with astronauts or the color orange?
Stone: My dad's from the nation of Glipglorp. He grows some pretty good space weed.
Cody: What does tang gotta do with a damn spaceman?
Are you jealous of Stone's hair?
Jeff: You have no idea. One day i'll have a lion's mane.
Cody: God yes, His hair is like the first breath of winter from a blind voodoo priests pipe.
How did you guys start playing together?
Jeff: We've been best bud since we were little tikes. You know, like kiddy pools and BBQs and shit. Both of our previous bands fell through, but we've been jamming forever.
Cody: Well I had been playing in my old band and then my drummer moved to the east coast and I'm just thinking, “What the hell kinda good is a psychedelic rock band without crazy beats?” So Stone got ahold of me and said that they wanted a bass man and that's that you know.
And you are a three piece now? 
Jeff: Yes! We added Cody on bass in May of this year. Cody is our Cousin! 
Cody: Yep, it's been pretty fuckin’ cool
And who mans what instrument? Do you name your instruments?
Jeff - drums/vocals
Stone - guitar/vocals. Sally's her name
Cody - bass/vocals. My bass is named Mikey
How old were you when you started playing gigs?
Jeff: 17
Cody: 16
Are you even old enough to drink beer? 
Jeff: We fucking aren't, and it blows. We're almost 21, and all the bars in town owe us some damn drink tickets.
Cody: Nope, and being this close sucks a whole lotta juice box, I've missed so many good shows cause of it.
Stone: Fuck the drinking age.
Who and what are some of the influences that created your style? 
Jeff: Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, The Shivas, Guantanamo Baywatch, Mikal Cronin, just to name a few
Cody: The Gorillaz, The Ventures, Trashed Romeos, 1776, That Handsome Devil, Tom Waits.
Stone: Sabbath, The Reatards, The Seeds, Link Wray, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Thee Oh Sees
What are you imagining when you put together your songs?
Jeff: I try to imagine a wave that's throwing us back and forth until we crash on the floor.
What is your relationship to citrus tapes? 
Jeff: Stone and I started producing our own tapes and we got to thinking, "We could do this, we can do this for other bands or anyone looking to get some tapes produced." Then I scored a sweet duplicator and now we've released a lovin' handful of tapes for the people of Portland to enjoy
Any new songs in the works? 
Jeff: Everyday! We're constantly cranking out material 
Cody: All the damn time, I don't think I've ever been in a band that writes this much. It's killer.
Stone: Be ready, we're coming.
What do you think is important for the under 21 music makers and fans concerning live shows? 
Cody: Play and see as much as you fucking can.
Stone: Fuck it, play bars that you can't hang out in. Stand outside and watch other bands, play a ton of house shows and have fun.










Photos from The Deli Portland's MFNW Day Show 











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Mister Tang at Record Room 8.16

The explosive garage rock group, Mister Tang, has added a bassist to their vessel. The low frequencies float in a deep ocean of lo-fi swells over chartering heavy guitar and  "greasy" beats. Stone's voice is a controlled zephyr, curling up on the ends with high and mighty howls and sometimes riotous harmonies. All that drifting psychedelia is dominated by their surfy garage sounds as they blast out mischief and youth. Imagine your own stunts, car chases and running aground on a rocky beach full of crazy kids and you’ll come close imagining their live show. Check them out tonight at Record Room to experience the latest incarnation of the Tang Legacy. - Brandy Crowe 

Video Shot by Nick Gattman


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