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July 2014

Last year Baked came out with a tape called S/T Cassette.  Two songs short, it's enough to see where the band is coming from; they're not afraid to blur themselves, letting the sounds melt into landscape jams.  On Debt, their debut off Exploding in Sound, Baked is still melting, but it's a much more guided flow.  The album mixes high velocities with the turned down mellow feels that Baked just seems to ooze from every orifice.   R.J. Gordon's vocals take a back seat under a wash of reverb, sitting just below the pop driven melodies that surround him.  "Mick Jagger" especially is a stunner, where Yoni David's drumming drives the tune as the rest of the sounds float in zero gravity.  There's something unobtainably attractive about this band's sound, whether it's because they remind us of England's long lost Wu Lyf, or because they channel Bedhead at the same time. - Jake Saunders

The 60's
Bob Dylan

Simon and Garfunkel

Velvet Underground
The 70's
Patti Smith
The New York Dolls

The Ramones

The Talking Heads
Richard Hell
The Dead Boys
Lydia Lunch
The Contortions  
The 80's
Sonic Youth
Bad Brains
Beastie Boys
Bruce Springsteen
The Feelies
Laurie Anderson
They Might Be Giants
John Zorn
Arto Lindsay
Sonic Youth
The Fleshtones
The 90's

Jeff Buckley

The Magnetic Fields
Yo La Tengo
Soul Coughing
Cat Power
The 00's
The Strokes
TV on The Radio
Fiery Furnaces
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Bravery
Animal Collective
Bright Eyes
Devendra Banhart
Moldy Peaches
Le Tigre
Blonde Redhead
Grizzly Bear

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scene blog

Ms Mr

MS MR release full length + play Governors Ball on 06.08

Many of the tracks on 'Secondhand Rapture,' the debut album by MS MR, have already trickled out in a series of hotly-anticipated singles, music videos and on the overplayed trailer for season 3 of HBO’s Games of Thrones (that song is titled “Bones”). So getting twelve big ones in long-player format feels almost like a greatest hits package. The album’s opener, “Hurricane,” is still MS MR’s strongest number. Its forceful soul vocal laments the moment when dreamers have to become, um, well, working stiffs and go make a real living - hopefully not too soon! “Dark Doo Wop” (Chet Faker remix streaming below) is one of Secondhand’s best surprises. A finger-poppin’ ballad here dares to reinvent the girl-group genre by using a dramatic bolero beat to build up the apocalyptically romantic chorus: “This world is gonna burn.” By the time of the album’s closer, “This Isn’t Control,” an illusionless gloom hangs over the entire affair with all the heaviness of deeply-felt experience. No over-singing or long-winded vocal runs here. Just evenhanded soul vocals that also manage to sound inspired. See the band live in NYC at Governors Ball on June 8. - Brian Chidester


Best of NYC Poll - JURORS' VOTE: Foxygen, Spirit Family Reunion, DIIV + more

This year 28 NYC "scene experts" helped us with our Best of NYC Poll 2012 for Emerging Artists by choosing their 3 favorite up and coming NYC acts. These jurors are comprised of local venue agents and other industry people who work with many local bands throughout the year (full list coming soon). Their votes this year produced a list of 68 artists, which means that - as always - most jurors voted for different bands. But some bands appeared more thans once in the "ballots": below we compiled a list of the artists who accumulated more points through the jurors vote only. Kudos to Foxygen (already on the cover of our 2012 CMJ issue) for getting the top spot.

The Best of NYC 2012 Readers and Fans' Poll - including all the nominees - will start in a few days - stay tuned (since we have one of these polls happening in each scene we cover, we need to schedule them carefully to avoid to overload our server - thanks for your patience!).



Spirit Family Reunion
Ghost Beach


Josh's CMJ day 3: Beast Patrol, Thomas Simon, Sewing Machines, JJAMZ, Linfinity, MS MR.

The third day of CMJ is the festival’s Humpday. Once Day Three ends, the festival is already more than half-over. Now that I’m halfway done with running the CMJ Marathon, I feel pretty good about my journey towards the finish line, although I realize that while my marathon numbers are solid, they aren’t as good as Paul Ryan’s. Of course, Ryan made up his marathon times on the spot, so at least I’m winning in the endurance department. - Read the full report by Josh S. Johnson here.

The Deli's NYC issue #32 is out, read it online!

The 32nd issue of The Deli NYC is out in the streets people, but if you don't like the streets you can still read it online here (flash version) or download it in pdf here.

Also, also! The Deli's Stomp Box Exhibit at Main Drag starts in a week - more info here.

The Deli's Staff

August 2012
""Candy Bar Creep Show

MS MR plays moody and sensual electro-pop, enriched by an interesting, dark soul component - the overall musical formula may bring to mind early Eurythmics, minus Annie Lennox band's "electro-futuristic" signature element. Led by female voice to kill for, the NYC band's sound is haunting and barnstorming at once. Although the band just released their debut EP, they have already sparked a tremendous buzz in early 2012 with their stellar single "Hurricane" and with the previous single, almost as good, "Bones". In the two songs (both featured in the band's debut EP "Candy Bar Creep Show") canned and contained percussions provide a clear runway for Lily’s powerhouse vocals and Derek Davies subtly tense electro-orchestral arrangements. When you hear the tortured hook in ‘Hurricane’ ("welcome to the inner workings of my mind, so dark and foul I can't disguise") you know you’ve been taken out to far deeper waters than most Pop. It’s like Portishead meets Lana Del Rey meets Florence and the Machine meets ‘My So Called Life.’ The other two tracks on the record - the chorus-less but hook-rich "Dark Doo Wop," and the more experimental and complex "Ash Tree Lane" - confirm this is a band with superior songwriting chops, and whose comfort zone is to be found in slower BPMs and sparser atmospheres.

Seen live: Beast Make Bomb and MS MR at Santos

MS MR headlined a packed Santos Party House on Wednesday with support from punk rockers Beast Make Bomb.

Brooklyn’s Beast Make Bomb backed up some catchy tunes with undeniable stage presence. Lead singer Ceci G radiated swagger as she led the four-piece band through a fast, loud, and downright fun set. The highlight of BMB’s performance was a song that sounded like the punk rock cousin of “Kashmir.”

MS Mr’s sound was an entirely different animal, but the four-piece band was just as entertaining as it’s opener. All of the focus was on the gorgeous vocals of their lead singer, the eponymous MS. Her powerful voice combined with the indie-pop sensibilities of her band resulted in what I imagine Adele would sound like on Matador Records. MS MR ended its set with the buzzy single “Hurricane,” which received the biggest reaction from the crowd.

Beast Make Bomb will play NYC again on July 13th at the Bushwick Walkabout Fest and on July 30th at the Studio at Webster Hall. MS MR won’t be back until August when they play with Marina & the Diamonds on the 16th and 18th. - Joshua S. Johnson.


NYC Band to watch: MS MR plays Santos on 06.27 + tours

After months of ambiguity, MS MR have finally begun playing live, giving only a slight glimpse into the world of the mysterious duo. Comprised of a woman and man (the MS half may or may not be named Liz), MS MR has released a demo album and a single with accompanying music videos, but that’s about it. Following the example of another rather successful NYC boy/girls duo, Cults, they don’t divulge their identities, they don’t show their faces on press photos, and they certainly don’t grant interview (at least for now). But, really… do we care about all this stuff? No we don’t, all we care about is their music, and the single “Hurricane” has a lot of things to say: a tremendously enjoyable blue soul-pop gem, the song is built around MS’ beautiful melody - the lady has a voice to kill for, with a peculiar mixture of sweetness and severity. In the background, a light and ambient trip-hoppy electronic arrangement work some magic against pounding mid tempo electronic drums. The band is also likely to be originally from the UK, which is possibly where their dream and drone sound originates. They may not be eager to expose their inner workings, but MS MR do have a musical focus to back their secretive attitude. See them at Santos Party House tomorrow June 27 before they leave for a July west coast tour. – Devon Antonetti


MS MR reveals video for "Hurricane" + play Glasslands on June 01

We blogged about MS MR a couple of weeks ago and we hear they have now released the video for the new single "Hurricane" - a very DIY, cut and paste thing. The song is a stunning take on the neo-soul path inaugurated by other NYC based artists like Santigold, Body Language and Ava Luna, and more recently also Friends and The Stepkids. This is a project with big potential.



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