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A Deli Premiere: NoPop release sophomore EP "Demons' today

Is it absolutely necessary to spend Valentine’s Day listening to "romantic" and mellow music? Brooklyn rockers NoPop answer "no' to that question, by premiering their sophomore 7 track EP “Demons” exclusively here on The Deli. Describing their music as "pink punk, zoo-music, moxy-rock," the band combines driving rhythms and softer pop together in a hyper-crazed mix embracing unhinged wildness.  “Wear The Feeling” taps into Surfer Rosa era Pixies with similar distorted screaming vocals. The under two minutes “Holly” - one of our favorites - chugs along with perky energy as female vocals find the sweet spot between Kim Deal's charmingly intoxicated sounding lines and bigger girl group background harmonies. “Huffers” is supported by a heavy fuzz bass, alternating chant vocals and shifting snare shot punctuation.  “Number One” pairs syncopated drumming and metal guitar phrasings with alternating hyper-angst vocals and softer passages. First single “Rules” builds off a steady bass guitar pulse before launching into a full cinematic explosion. The near 7 minute “Frederick Fleet” serves as an epic final track. Demons was mixed, engineered, and co-produced by Julian Cubillos of 77 Linden, and mastered by NY legend Kramer, whose work includes the Pulp Fiction’s soundtrack, Half-Japanese and Butthole Surfers. - Dave Cromwell


Awkwarium, ghostpal, NoPop, and The Brooklyn What play The Gutter Tonight

After a successful kickstarter campaign, and a seemingly interminable build, the folks at the Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen (MCFK) collective have finally completed construction on their new studio. To celebrate they’ve put together their second show this month, this time at the Gutter, Brooklyn’s premier bowling alley/venue which isn’t Brooklyn Bowl. The showcase will feature the gleaming psychedelic soul pop of ghostpal, Goodman’s excoriating garage pop (both Deli NYC Artists of the Month) as well as Toot Sweet, NoPop (whom are not to be missed), The Brooklyn What, and Awkwarium. Stream MCFK’s latest compilation below, and catch them tonight (1/23) at the Gutter. -Emilio Herce (@emilioherce) photo cred: Dan Bracaglia

Come check out NoPop tonight at Spike Hill (CMJ show!)

We liked Brooklyn power trio NoPop a lot the first time we stumbled upon their music, and the guys are doing their best to confirm that first impression. They just released this new track just in time for tonight's The Deli's DIY/Psych/Garage CMJ 2014 showcase at Spike Hill - a show they will open at 6.40 pm. Come check them out, we'll be there!


Defying The Pixies: NoPop Releases Debut EP "See Pretty" tomorrow (05.13)

The Pixies are back together - and it's not the same. The indie guitar rock of the 90s is back in fashion too, but bands picking up influences from the mind blowing Bostonian quartet's early records are nowhere to be heard... until you hit 'play' on Brooklyn's NoPop's latest single 'O, TV' (streaming). Skillfully recreating - and taking to extreme levels - the famous "Loud/Quiet/Loud" production philosophy, the track is ridden with light dissonance, disjointed, crunchy riffs, and thick bass, and all is injected with the at-once anesthetized and horror-show-like vocals of Oscar Rodriguez and Rachel Housle. The adoption of odd tempos dear to Mr. Black Francis, and simple but tasteful background vocals reminiscent of Ms Kim Deal seal the deal as far as influences. With this tune, NoPop pretty much gave us what fans of The Pixies have been hoping to get since the 'Doolittle' years: music that's at once unpretentious, unpredictable, wildly explosive and absolutely memorable.

We are sure the guys will feel belittled by this comment, but they shouldn't: they are a young band and they have time to develop this sound in a more personal direction - what they accomplished with this song is not easy, and shows talent and promise. We are looking forward to the band's debut EP "See Pretty," to be released tomorrow 05.13.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Punk/Guitar Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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