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NYMPH's Trance-Inducing Jams Coming to McCarren Park Tomorrow

Northern Spy Records has a consistently solid lineup of bands that seek to push sonic boundaries.  Bands like Zs, Aa(Big A little a), and PC Worship focus on improvisation as a mode of expression, and with the use of the insane musical technology that exists today, the sounds that these bands are utilizing brings fusion music into a whole new dimension. One such band is NYMPH and their trance inducing music. The group expands upon long and drawn out jams which ultimately develop into complete worlds of their own.  The instrumentation is always alternating, and although the sound never fails to evolve between each song, a signature mood can be found in each track off their most recent album, New Millenium Prayer.  Jazz, drone rock and eastern music are very much a part of their sound, as themes and motifs are used as catalysts for each song, churning the sonic waters until a musical consensus is gathered, whether it be in consonant fruition or dissonant chaos.  NYMPH will be playing along with The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger at the Mccarren Park Summerscreen series tomorrow (7/30).  - Jake Saunders


The scary primal rock of NYMPH

We were just talking about dreams involving "random association of thoughts "(see entry about The Tony Castles here), when we stumbled upon Japan/NYC/Philly based NYMPH, signed to Brooklyn's Social Registry. This band's music sounds as if it was created to be the soundtrack to your own Dario Argento-style nightmare. More primal than tribal, unintelligible but never chaotic, tense to the point of becoming really unnerving, NYMPH is the musical equivalent to a quality horror movie, in which you won't necessarily see blood flowing, but that will scare you to the point of making you repeatedly look over your shoulder on your way home.
P.S. By the way, how bands with members scatters miles away from each other managed to even just rehearse consistently remains a mystery to us.


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