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Operator Music Band

Operator Music Band brings punchy, new wave pop to Alphaville 03.30

NYC's alternative songsmiths Operator Music Band are an innovative bunch, blending krautrock-esque new wave with chorus-laden indie tones and textures. On their most recent EP, Coördination, released last December, Operator Music Band makes much use of relatively spare songwriting technique, managing to entice their listeners with tightly controlled instrumentation amid synthy droning dissonance, harmonies reminiscent of Portishead (with Dara Hirsch and Jared Hiller exchanging lead vocal duties), and unpredictable departures midway through a given song into an entirely new idea, as evidenced in "Communicator 4." In spite of obvious nods to their predecessors, Operator Music Band sounds fresh and interesting. Don't miss them at Alphaville on March 30th in support of Trace Mountains, and have a listen to "Communicator 4" below! - Ethan Ames

Operator Music Band takes the soul out of electro + plays Palisades on 02.26

The latest trend in electronic music has been... to make it soulful, less machine-like. That's a stance the fathers of the genre (namely, Kraftwerk and Devo) would find borderline heretic. Shouldn't electronic music BE about the machine? Shouldn't it be a celebration of it? Luckily for all you synth worshippers, Brooklyn already has the antidote to the de-mechanization of electronic rock, and it's called Operator Music Band. The quartet just released their second EP, appropriately titled 'Matérielmusik' (i.e. 'material music,' not music of the soul!), which puts synths back at the core of everything, while vocals become little more than a regular instrument. See them live at Palisades on February 26th.


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