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Palm is a band that won't let up - live at Slack Fest tomorrow (06.21)

You know those bands that are completely relentless?  Those bands that will keep going and going and won’t stop for anything until they hit their goal, bursting into flames when they do.  Well, Palm is a band that knows how to crank up the inferno that they will inevitably light under your ass until the hairs on your upper thigh start to singe. And we haven't even seen their live show (yet; there is much anticipation for their performance at Slack Fest this weekend), that’s just the feeling we get from listening to their tracks on bandcamp.  Their songs simply won’t let up.  They’ve got the classic slacker-rock vibe that we are oh so familiar with today, but they sprinkle in these bits of feedback noise and rhtyhmic syncopations that culminate to an incredibly forward-thinking and progressive sound.  Our only complaint is that they don’t have more material.  So this is a message to Palm:  We’re watching you... we know what you are up to... and there’s no escape now.  Godspeed!" - Jake Saunders


NYC bands to keep an ear on: Palm's tense noise rock

You know those days you just want to totally flip out without having to explain yourself? Well goddammit... you now have Palm to thank for making it happen for you. Lead singer Gerasimos Livitsanos barely has time to extract her thoughts from the page in the EP’s titular track and opener 'Ode to Scott' before the band kicks into high gear. And that's pretty much what you can expect from the noise-rock quartet. Lots of fuzz, lots of mayhem, tension you can cut with a knife, and plenty to shake the walls apart. Check out their new EP and get your destruction on. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

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