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Boston Hassle Fest 6 Indiegogo Campaign in Full Swing

Fall is in the air: the Red Sox have completely tanked, ugly sweaters are being taken out of musty closets, and “pumpkin spice” is being placed in every food and beverage known to human-kind. One of the few things I love more than pumpkin bread is music, and this year’s Boston Hassle Fest 6 has heaps of it to go around. The fest (slated to take place November 7 & 8 at Cuisine en Locale on Highland Ave. in Somerville, MA) boasts some mammoth headliners, including Body/Head (Kim Gordon/Bill Nance) and No Joy. Local and regional acts will be getting in on the action as well--Free Pizza, Downtown Boys, IAN and Pile will be there, along with a host of other regionally and nationally-known musicians.

Anyone interested in scoring advance tickets to one or both days of the shows can head over to the Boston Hassle Fest 6 Indiegogo campaign. Donating through Indiegogo is the only way to secure tickets in advance (as well as receive some other wicked cool perks), so be sure to grab your tickets early for these (most likely) sell-out performances.

For more info on Hassle Fest 6, check out the Boston Hassle Facebook page. For more info about Boston Hassle, check out their website. -Dan McMahon(@dmcmhn)


Eula celebrates EP Release at Palisades on 07.31 with Big Ups, Courtship Ritual and Pile

Eula is bringing us an insane lineup for their EP release party tomorrow night (07.31).  On the bill they have New England rockers, Pile, and the current Deli's band of the year, Big Ups.  Opening up is Courtship Ritual, whose debut album, Pith, is a promising work of dark bedroom pop.  Simple harmonies combined with unexpected warbly guitar hooks provide an interesting combination; it's as if slacker-rock met L.A. pop and had a baby in Brooklyn. The show is at Palisades this Thursday (7/31) - check out Courtship Ritual single 'Ancient Drip' below. - Jake Saunders


Stream The Gradients Most Recent Track, "Growing Pile"

There is a growing connection between the up and coming grunge rockers out of New England and a select few New York City bands.  Artists like Krill, Ovlov, and Pile have been taking and doling out influence from and to NYC bands like Bluffing, Big Neck Police and the focus of this review, The Gradients.  The last time I saw The Gradients was at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn last summer, so when I witnessed the solid crowd of followers that the band had amassed at Hot 97.4 this past weekend I was excited to see how their sound had evolved.  Indeed The Gradients have come a long way; their songs contain powerful, driving melodies complete with an exciting, New York City-themed frustration.  Their use of lazy harmonies is especially effective on their new single, "Growing Pile," where the chorus becomes layered in raspy vocals of that good, sweet teenage angst we all know and love.  You can check out The Gradients next week on July 29th at Palisades with Washer, Palm and The Doozies.  - Jake Saunders

Bunny’s a Swine, Fax Holiday, Shepherdess, Pile Play Great Scott -- Show Wrap-Up

After recently releasing their latest album, Calling Out, Bunny’s A Swine set out to promote their tunes, and if the show on Thursday, June 28 sponsored by Eye Design at Great Scott was any indication, their record will have to be placed on back-order pretty soon. By the time the band took the stage, a sizeable crowd had gathered--apparently the fact that Bunny’s A Swine plays kickass rock n’ roll is not a secret to the people of Allston. From the first distorted chord to the last lyric, it was evident the band really enjoys being on stage and can really take over with their on-stage presence. While Calling Out is slightly more reserved, their live performance is anything but that. Drummer Dustin Cote was perhaps the most animated member of the band, flailing his arms and smashing drums in a blur of wooden sticks and cymbal crashes. The band played a lot of stuff from the new record, including “Lasalle” (the song highlighted in my preview of this show). “Lasalle” seemed to take on a new life when performed live--louder, more rowdy--with a great PIxies feel to the vocal combo of lead singer Emerson Stevens and guitarist Candace Clement. In addition to the impeccable performance by Bunny’s A Swine, I was also impressed by the rest of the line-up that night. The opening band, Fax Holiday, brought this great brand of grunge/stoner rock that was really incredible hear. Two things really stood out to me from their performance: their use of a guitar dropped several steps instead of a bass, and the fact that they used an electric auto-harp. Yes, that’s right: electric auto-harp. In case you’ve never heard one before, it sounds freakin’ cool. I’d highly recommend checking out some of Fax Holiday's material--specifically the track “Lots of Glass”. The lead singer kept reiterating during the course of their set that a new record was in the works, but apparently there are no immediate plans for a release date. Jamaica Plain all-girl punk rockers Shepherdess lit up the stage with some gnarly punk riffs. Several times throughout their set, their lead singer got so into the songs, she knocked over the mic stand and would just move around the stage screaming her face off--rock n’ roll. Closing out the night was Boston-based Pile. These guys played some loud, dark and heavy stuff. They kind of sounded like a nascent QOTSA. A lofty comparison, I know, but check out one of their shows and tell me I’m wrong. The entire night was full of great rock n’ roll, restoring my faith in the Boston music scene that it isn’t all full of trendy shoe-graze, synth-pop junk. Thank God for that. -Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)

Boston grunge band Pile launching spring cross country tour

Boston indie rock stalwarts Pile new full-length is full of grunge-y goodness. Dripping will have you from beginning to end, and neglect to call you for at least a few weeks. But you won’t be able to stop listening. “Am I a freak?” You’ll ask your friends, “I just love dripping so much... but it doesn’t love me...” Well you see, dear listener, it’s just that dripping is too busy rocking out and playing a billion shows this month. So curl into your post-hardcore fetal position, and let the music wash over you. Or just go out and see Pile at one of their many shows in the upcoming months. They're hitting 26 states on their spring tour so odds are they're coming to a venue near you. It’s not like you’re stalking dripping, or anything... you’re just really into the music. Right. - Hillary Anderson



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