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Samia highlights self-appreciation in new single, headlines Rough Trade 06.07

The message embedded in Samia’s music video for her freshly minted single “Ode to Artifice” is the perfect accompaniment to the indie-pop song. The shy girl in the video (Samia) struggles with her identity at prom and is upstaged by her own more confident reflection. The fragmented duality in the video is not only relatable to anyone who has ever felt like they are not self-assured enough, but also offers an intimate look at the artist’s struggles. The person you are and the person others see don't always line up, Samia seems to recognize this and send a powerful message of self-appreciation and authenticity through this video. The songwriter will be headlining Rough Trade on June 7 before yet another headlining show at Los Angeles’ Bootleg Theatre June 26. Check out the video for the song below (there is a cameo by Mary-Louise Parker in it that gets a thumbs up from us). - Rene Cobar

Samia Releases New Single 'Milk,' Plays Rough Trade on Thu, Sep 27th

With her boundless voice and blistering lyricism, Samia has a special knack for revealing big situations through intimate details. Whether discussing her hamster's name in '21,' or getting a rock star to listen to her music on 'The Night Josh Tillman Listened To My Song,' Samia finds lyrical perch by baring her soul through an itinerary of the everyday.

I thought of this while watching the video for her latest single, 'Milk.' Despite Samia's repeated assurances throughout, I get the impression that the mess she is referring to here is more than 'just spilled milk.' No matter how often she tells you not to worry, or how many interesting details she confesses throughout (bathing in the grease on the McDonald's floor, jumping off the pier at the seaport) you know there's also something left unsaid, lingering like a suggestive gloss under the track's shadowy contours and pulsating tension. It also marks an exciting turn from her previous work. Samia's voice was never a stranger to the anxieties of growing up in a world that tends to shame the thoughts, voices, and bodies of outspoken feminists. But on 'Milk,' the emotional dial is turned up even louder, revealing what in other singers would be vulnerabilities. For Samia, these serve as forceful reminders of just how potent an artist she is becoming. Watch the video below, and see Samia perform at Rough Trade on Thursday, September 27th. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)

Samia drops video for new single "21"; plays Elsewhere on 06.01

With a vocal range that reaches as high as her dreams and as low as the darkest depths of her lyrics, Samia has released her latest single "21" courtesy of Grand Jury. Though she had a brush with Spotify fame last year after the company put her on their "Badass Women" playlist, she hasn't let the excitement get to her head. She packs her new single with her mellifluous vocals and most raw lyrics about turning twenty-one; topics discussed include making family proud, self-image, and the push to succeed against the drag of adulthood. Hear that in the chorus phrase "You're alive and you're on fire/Why are you so tired?" In the video, Samia dances around in any empty loft, scrawls desires on the walls, and stares out the window, looking for the thing that she feels she should have achieved before her twenty-first birthday. It's safe to say that she's achieved quite a bit already. Samia will play Elsewhere's Zone 1 on June 1st; until then, check out the video for "21" below. - Will Sisskind

Blues rockers Dakota Jones play Bitter End 1/20

Need something to warm you up as you truck along the NYC-slush? Check out Dakota Jones, a Brooklyn-based four piece specialzing in the type of soulful rock that's guaranteed to melt away even the steeliest winter blues. With warm, roots-rock guitar licks, and singer Tristan Carter-Jones's honey-sweet vocals, the band makes unfussy music that refuses to compromise on visceral punches. Check them out live at the Bitter End 1/20 playing with Liquor RadioSamia, Danielle Cardona, The BeriBeri, and The Bowery Boys, but in the meantime stream Dakota Jones below. - Olivia Sisinni


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