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Seasick Mama

Deli Best of NYC 2013 - Open Submission Results for INDIE POP

The Indie Pop results of our Best of NYC Poll for emerging artists are always the most anticipated - beware though! These are just the Open Submission results, i.e. the list of indie pop bands that qualified to the next phase of the poll by submitting online; there will be a longer list soon including bands voted by our jurors.

Total submissions in this category: 28

Artists Qualified to the next stage (Readers' Poll, starting around 01.15):

1. Half Waif    8.5 (out of 10)
1. Hey Anna    8.5
3. Seasick Mama    8.33
3. Graph Rabbit    8.33

Honorable Mentions (scores above 7.16):

The Dirty GemsHurrah! A Bolt Of Light!CoastgaardModern MerchantThe Roofer's UnionTruestBeecher's FaultGrand CousinStrip DarlingDaltondot and logicTropic of PiscesIsle Of RhodesMarco Argiro.

Jurors: Charise Sowells (Deli Austin), Jordannah Elizabeth (Deli SB Area), PDG (Deli NYC)

Stay tuned for more results, and then for the readers' poll!

The Deli's Staff


Seasick Mama plays Santos Party House tonight (12.05)

Former Deli NYC artist of the month Seasick Mama has been hard at work in 2013, releasing a new EP entitled "Tip Top Shaped" in early November, shooting and unveiling a remarkable video in the Dominican Republic (streaming below), and booking a series of shows and interviews (including this one).

Front lady/model Marial Eve Moon will perform with her band Santos Party House tonight (12.05).


Weekly Features: Seasick Mama releases "Tip Top Shape" EP at The Knit on 09.03

Seasick Mama, the alter ego of singer, songwriter, performer, and model Marial Eve Moon, plays an intriguing brand of orchestral indie pop that with varying influences. Loose and unselfconscious, her music features ecstatic vocals, expressive lyrics, and danceable riffs. She will be releasing a new EP entitled "Tip Top Shape" - produced by a team of hot producers including David Sitek (TV on the Radio) and Peter Wade (MNDR) - with a show at the Knitting Factory on September 3. - LINK: Jack McGovern interview with Seasick Mama.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Electro songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Seasick Mama releases video for "Quit Your Job" + releases EP "Dead Like Money"

Marial Maher (aka Seasick Mama) wants you to abandon your tedious nine to five. You know you've been thinking about it for a long time, and the parading progression of gorgeous (possibly unemployed) women doing dangerous and fun things in various non-office settings should probably seal the deal.

Taken from the brand new debut EP "Dead Like Money," in the video for "Quit Your Job" the trio picks up from where Florence and the Machine's powerful torrents left off, and beats the hell out of complacency in a churning vision that gets you to know these ladies a lot more intimately (oh, there are some boys too in the mix by the way, we just noticed). From smoke-filled backrooms to Bourbon Street, Seasick Mama crashes parties across America. I guess that's what you get to do when you quit your job. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

This song is included in The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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