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The Secret History

The Secret History album release at Glasslands tonight (06.05)

Composing a diary of bohemian and bourgeois life, filtered through a twee-pop lens, defines Long Island City band The Secret History. Their second full-length,  “Americans Singing in the Dark,” paints character studies and love with a polished, orchestral production - a lighter turn from the ghost stories and “crisis-pop” of 2010’s, “The World That Never Was” - which was our CD of the Month at the time.

Moody influences like the Smiths and Lou Reed still show in moments of songwriter and lead guitarist Michael Grace Jr.’s lyrics, but rising synth chords, jangly guitars and upbeat drums create a wistful pop sheen.  Lead singer Lisa Ronson (daughter of Bowie-Morrissey-Mellencamp riffmaster Mick Ronson) sings smooth, mid-volume pop that runs from moments of early ‘80s Blondie or Linda Ronstadt to slower pleading-over-tambourines a la The Cranberries. Grace Jr.’s turn at the mic is kissing cousin to his friend Kip from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. 
Since Ronson moved to London, the band plays stateside without her and raises money on Kickstarter to book shows on the other side of the pond. 

“Americans Singing in the Dark” drops June 18 on Cloudberry Records.  The record release party is tonight, June 5, at Glasslands.  Listen to a single, “The Age of Victoria,” streaming below. - Bianca Seidman


Upcoming Release: The Secret History

Haven’t hopped on The Secret History bandwagon yet? Then you better start listening before their upcoming album release. Comprised of cult songwriter Michael Grace Jr. as well as other members of My Favorite, as well as vocalists Jaime Allison Babic and Lisa Ronson (daughter of glam rocker Mick Ronson) The Secret History has made a graceful transition from My Favorite’s psych pop antics to their current sound, while maintaining a trademark whimsical playfulness. Their debut album “The World That Never Was” in 2010 gained them praise from Allmusic.com, Spectrum Culture, and was even listed as one of Kip Berman’s (of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart) favorite records of the year. We’re pretty excited to see what they’ve got coming out this June. Mark your calendars, the release party will be on 06.05 at Glasslands. - Lucy Sherman


Deli CD of the Month: The Secret History - release at The Knit 03.18

Well it seems like the sounds from the 80s are back in vogue, right? All the cheesy blips and the "housy" synths and the gasping vocals and the campy clothing and so on and on and on... Well you won't find all this in The Secret History's debut CD "The World That Never Was". You will find references to to great artists from that decade which followed a more personal and sincere musical path though. We are referring (for example) to the melancholic, beautiful and supremely blip free tunes of 10,000 Maniacs, or the daring, electric songs of The Throwing Muses, and their spin off super-dreamy project Belly. Besides the songwriting, what really hits you here is Lisa Ronson's voice - warm and strong, it confers character and personality to the band's elegant tunes through melodies that are never banal nor foreign. We also recommend you to check out the band members' previous project, "My Favorite", which probably failed to emerge because of an unfortunate name choice in this "Google Age", but that has recently garnered some post-mortem attention from music scene fat cats Pitchfork.com. Don't Miss The Secret History's CD release party at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on March 18.


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