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Shilpa Ray

Shilpa Ray celebrates LP release show at Pianos 09.20 & 09.21

Within the The Deli's archives we commended Shilpa Ray several times -- lauding her noir music, stubborn-yet-honest lyrics, and unapologetic delivery -- but her newest work is doing more than that. Though her new September LP isn't out yet, she gives us a glimpse of what's to come with new single, “EMT Police and the Fire Department”. This song is one of a dystopian Lower East Side, so abject it requires the EMT, police, and the fire department to be called. "The air was so thick, you cut it with a knife, and the crowds were so thick, it would make you wanna cut them with a knife" she recants through spoken word over what resembles a sound check. The story’s setting degrades as the song shapes together, and she repeats the title over a building drumbeat, ultimately exploding unlike anything we’ve seen from her -- her jarring lyricism taking on the shape of a new beast delivered through ferocious yelps. This is as unforgiving as Ray has ever gotten. Door Girl, the upcoming LP, is inspired by her time working at Pianos; it’s only fitting her album release will be celebrated there two nights in a row, this coming September 20th and 21st. - Pearse Devlin

Check out the music video for her song below.

A bill of NYC indie pillars at Glasslands on 12.23: Backwords, Shilpa Ray, Dragons of Zynth and Economy Punk (ex Xray Eyeballs)

It would be interesting to know how many people move in and out of NYC every year - hundreds of thousands we guess? This is a city that fuels all sorts of dreams only to crush them the minute you stop believing. In its scene, where new bands are born and not so old ones die on an hourly basis, the artists that manage to stick around for longer than a few years become the true pillar of the musical community. The same can be said for a venue that consistently promotes quality local acts like Glasslands. As you know, the Williamsburg spot will be closing its doors at the end of 2014, and, looking at its last few weeks of calendar, we couldn't help but notice the Tuesday 12.23 bill, which features four quality local artists that we covered abundantly for years and that have earned the title of "NYC scene pillars." We are referring to psych folk collective Backwords (in the picture, playing Glasslands a few years ago), maudit rock songwriter Shilpa Ray, Economy Punk (ex Xray Eyeballs') and Dragons of Zynth, an indie soul act that has been around at least since we started this blog (that was 2005) and that occasionally comes back when you least expect it. Definitely a good opportunity to say goodbye to this legendary but short lived venue, and meet some familiar faces.

Booked at CMJ: Bowmont unveils video for Hovering + plays Glasslands on 11.13

Bowmont ended up on our CMJ 2014 Electronic Stage at Pianos at the last minute, and we couldn't have been happier to have them, since their put on a great show. The band has coined a very personal, moody brand of pop that could be defined impressionistic, if not pointillistic: it's as if their songs emerged from silence like a sonic mosaic created by the combination of many tiny fragments of sound. The quartet just unveiled this video for their song "Hovering," featuring Shilpa Ray (who also played at Pianos that night on our Indie Stage). Check it out below and don't miss them when they play live at (soon to be closing) Glasslands on 11.13 with like minded Brooklynites Mon Khmer. -  Photo by Fabrizio Del Rincon


Jeffery Lewis plays Palisades on 10/4 with Shilpa Ray and Palberta

Jefferey Lewis has been recording New York anti-folk heart-bleeders since the 90's.  He was and is a staple in the anti-folk movement among contemporaries like The Moldy Peaches and Lach to name a few.  His lyrics are incredibly literate and are always an insightful exploration of language and expectations. They mold into long tangents of candidly crafted sentences which unfold into beautiful stories of life and living, no surprise as he's also a successful comic as well as musician.  On October 4th he will be joined by noir chanteuse, Shilpa Ray (who will be playing our CMJ showcase at Pianos on 10.24) and  balanced out by the experimental-punk trio Palberta.  Be sure not to miss it! -Jake Saunders @The_Colonel63


Weekly Feature: Shilpa Ray

Shilpa Ray has one of those voices that is simultaneously haunting and beautiful, like Nick Cave (whose label she is signed to) or Tom Waits. Her music does not cower or sneer in the face of darkness, as some of my favorite contemporary musicians do: it is mature, valuing the truth over appearing hip, and jaded. And that complexity is equally striking in her lyrics. The music has some seriously hard-hitting lines of the kind that will make you re-evaluate your life (and what, if I can be so pretentious as to ask, is the point of creating and experiencing art if it is not to change ourselves?). On "I Is What I Is," she sings, "America's got talent to seduce you to reduce yourself/America's got talent to seduce you to reduce everybody else." It's that ability to get to the heart of the matter - on a sonic and thematic level- that makes her music so effective.

LINK: John McGovern's Interview with Shilpa Ray.


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