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the shrine

The Shrine release new video for "Whistlings Of Death"

Here's a recipe that never failed to work: skaters pulling some sick song from punk's annals or their mate's streams to soundtrack their tricks & reckless antics. And seeing as skating pools and riding tight riffs is what they do best, here's The Shrine rightfully sticking to their guns, in their new video for 'Whistlings of Death' (off the album Primitive Blast, available on their bandcamp) premiered yestersay via Noisey, brought together by Amanda Siegel. Check it out below.


Tracy's CMJ Days 3-4 Ninjasonik, Total Slacker, Unstoppable Death Machines, The Shrine, The Orwells + more

To understand how much of a treat this Friday was, I guess it makes sense to first explain how major a let-down Thursday turned out to be. With a tight schedule sorted for the last two stretches, I'd gambled on the fact that, venturing from one venue to the next, I'd eventually find a few good NYC bands to write about, or at least some that worked with the scenes we cover. But no. Not in the slightest. A complete failure. - Read Tracy Mamoun's report of CMJ's Day 3-4 here. - In the picture and Streaming: Unstoppable Death Machines.

FIDLAR releases new track off debut LP + plays The Echo 10.26 w/ The Shrine

Hell yeah! - after a couple years on the LA punk scene, garnering a crowd of followers abroad for being one of those oh-so-satisfactory bands that'll sing (=bark) all the stories you want to hear, silly girls, junk food, drugs, beer, more drugs, piss-drunk antics and more straight-up sillies, FIDLAR will be releasing on January 22nd a first self-titled LP, via Mom&Pop records. Anyone unaware of the band could honestly  just read through their song titles and gather what the deal is, i.e some fun-loving r&r, the kind that exists solely to soundtrack reckless exploits, rabid moshpits and messy house parties, not even half pretending to be anything BUT unserious. To preview the album, they debuted a couple of days ago 'White On White', second single off FIDLAR, skuzzed-out treat that'll be joined on the record by tracks like 'Blackout Stout', 'Wake Bake Skate', as well as 'Cheap Beer' (I DRINK CHEAP BEER SO WHAT FUCK YOU, that one, yes), which they released just over a month ago. A lot to look forward to. And if that's not enough, FIDLAR's now off on tour and will be playing The Echo with The Shrine on October 26th! 


The Shrine's 'Primitive Blast'

Certified skater's choice, The Shrine is a long-haired L.A-based three-piece at a border between two flavours of heavy which they define as 'psychedelic violence'; three dudes who go digging into their favourite blasts a la MC5 & Co, 'all-American' R&rR to bring their loud, furious, but mainly OH-SO-SATISFYING fuzz-freak show to a present where clicks disappear for the sake of some messy head-banging antics made of string-shredding prowesses and efx abuse. After a debut 7” (produced by Black Flag bass player Chuck Dukowski) released in 2010, the band dropped a couple of weeks ago (July 10th) a first album, Primitive Blast, a restless trash-punk-something nine-track sample of their range. You can listen to demo versions of those on bandcamp, and purchase the record here. Before they head for Europe with Fu Manchu in September, note that The Shrine will be on stage at The Satellite on August 4th, and headlining a show at The 3 Clubs on August 10th. - Tracy Mamoun


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