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Solid Goold

Solid Goold premiere video for retro-kitsch track “New Best Friend”

Solid Goold lives for all things retro, to the point that it’s sometimes unclear whether the ‘70s inspired outfits and ‘60s style harmonies are meant jokingly or lovingly—likely a bit of both. It’s fitting then that the music video for “New Best Friend” plays into similar aesthetic tropes, caking on cheap visual effects and dopey characters to good measure. Frontman Albert Goold finds himself hopelessly chasing a lover when, as the lyrics foreshadow, he may just need a new best friend. It’s the first video from Solid Goold’s 2017 album “Metabeta” and it does an excellent job highlighting the band’s lighthearted, throwback pop style. Watch the video, directed by Patrick Elmore and featuring actress Katy Rea, below and catch the band performing at Sidewalk Cafe tonight as part of the Winter Antifolk Fest. – Cameron Carr


UK border guards don't get Solid Goold's psych pop + send them back to the US

The guys in NYC psych-fusion-pop band Solid Goold may not realize this now, but what just happened to them is priceless: they experienced (and unwittingly orchestrated) a story so absurd that it will spread like wildfire, and be recalled again and again to their friends and family for the rest of their lives. It will change the mood of many people for the better, and also help them promote their music. Legendary stuff...

We will just paste the core of it below (you can read the full version here): 

"Solid Goold would like to regretfully inform all of you that our European tour has been brutally cut short by the ruthless UK Border Force. We went into our trip blissfully unaware of how serious these borders (especially the UK apparently) really are. An unforeseen cascade of unfortunate circumstances led us to being REFUSED entry to the UK, only to be immediately placed back on a plane to JFK.

We were given advice from someone who admittedly has never attempted to enter the UK as a foreigner to just simply claim we were coming to the UK on holiday and had our instruments just to jam. 

But things (and our white lies) quickly spiraled out of control, culminating in the Border officers finding my 500 SOLID GOOLD BUSINESS CARDS which included a link to this page which resulted in them seeing our 2015 SOLID GOOLD EUROTOUR VIDEO (which was outrageously incriminating to say the least, let alone with an air of goofy/cocky/douchiness thinly veiled as a sense of humor i'm almost positive these officers did NOT appreciate) which was incredibly" embarrassing considering we had just LIED about what we were intending on doing.

Notwithstanding the hilarious turn of events, we wouldn't be blogging about this if these guys' music wasn't good. They released eight track album "Alone in the World" in November 2013, and it's an eclectic collection of genres minced in small bits and reconstructed in the shape of bizarre psychedelic-pop. Opener "Can't Be Afraid of" (streaming) features a Barrettesque melody swimming in an orchestral arrangement full of pianos, flutes and horns, switching mid way into an odd bridge that sounds as if Elton John and Procol Harum were asked to play four bars each, over and over, for thirty seconds or so. "Right Eye" recycles Supertramp's electric piano driven melodies (Supertramp, people, that's a band that needs to be rediscovered!) but takes them for an unpredictable ride. Traces of reggae, classical music and even jazz emerge here and there in the rest of the record, which follows in the footsteps of NYC pioneers of eclectic/quirky pop They Might Be Giants. Not sure the Brits would have liked this stuff anyway (those guards certainly didn't), but we do!


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