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Spring Onion

July 2016
Spring Onion
"Please Relax

Catherine Dwyer, also known as the guitarist for the alt-rock outfit Sports, offers fans the perfect soundtrack for summer feelings with the release of her solo EP Please Relax. Recorded under the moniker Spring Onion, her new album is DIY at its best. Mostly written and recorded within the walls of her Philadelphia home, Please Relax is an intimate portrait of yearning, infused with dream-pop nostalgia, heartfelt riffs, and candid poetics.


“Egg (Driving Song),” the EP’s opener, unfolds with an Aimee Mann-meets-Girlpool earnestness. Telling the story of a commute clouded by desire, the song is a catchy confessional, with lines like “I'm sorry for what I said and didn't say” and “I'll write songs about my flaws/cause that's a way to self absolve.” The lo-fi grit of Dwyer’s anthem instantly tugs at the heartstrings, transforming even the most jaded listener into a hopeful romantic with each iteration of its fuzzed-out beats.


That sentiment is extended on "Chili". Twangy chords are quickly followed by Dwyer’s straightforward but evocative vocals, bringing to mind Built To Spill’s “Carry the Zero” and B-sides by indie darlings like The Babies. The track, although laidback, is unflinchingly sincere, the steady build of its instrumentation, urging its audience to actively listen and exist in the moment. The hissing snare and piano of “Poem 3 (Piano)” cast a similar spell, making each reprise of “but I don’t live alone” a testament to the millennial plight of finding solace in a shared space, while the EP’s title track and atmospheric closer serves as a suitably melodic mantra to calm the anxieties and emotional side effects of living.


Despite its brevity, the openness of Please Relax is astonishingly raw and brave. Listening to her songs will remind you that you’re not alone. - Dianca London


Search for Meaning & Connection w/Spring Onion at Tralfamadore June 15

Catherine Dwyer is at the controls of the bedroom-folk sound of Spring Onion, performing tonight at Tralfamadore. Dwyer reaches back with an easily accessible, casually-strolling instrumental tone. However, while concise lyrical anecdotes appear to offer a set of temporary images, they also speak to a deeper microcosmic, pensive framework. They’re the type of songs that’ll sit with you for a while, ruffling one’s tucked away search for meaning and connection. With a reserved feel of emotive release capable of bursting at the seams at any time, Buster supplies a bare yet volatile vibe. Rochester-based Sad Cactus artist Big Fred provides quick flashes of fragile fury and levity. The Honeymoon Band rounds this lineup into its final shape. Tralfamadore, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 7:30pm, $5, All Ages (Photo by Becca Hafter) - Michael Colavita


New Spring Onion EP Available for Streaming & Download

Please Relax, the latest release from Spring Onion, a.k.a. Catherine Dwyer, is an introspective/self-observational bedroom-folk EP. Its concise lyricism combines with simplistic instrumentation to creat easily-absorbed, candidly thoughtful moments. Dwyer enlists the help of fellow BFGS member Santi Slade as well as Carmen Perry (Addie Pray, Sports) for the recordings, which are the right blend of sweet nostalgia and sincerity.


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