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Steady Sun

Steady Sun premieres video for "Television Eyes"

It might be the middle of winter, but the psychedelic music of Brooklyn's Steady Sun evokes the heat daze of the hottest of seasons (in the Arizona desert). We are premiering here the band’s latest music video, a sun-soaked vision of their 2017 track Television Eyes, beautifully directed by Slack Barrett. The song's relaxed pace allows the band to reflect on technology’s place in our lives - how it can both alienate us from the world even while providing a sense of connection to to others. Harkening back to the sophisticated psychedelia of the early '70s (think Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"), the track is built around an arpeggioed guitar that would make Roger Waters proud, and filled by an orchestration of vintage sounding instruments and uber-dreamy vocal lines. Stream it below. - Sunny Betz

Steady Sun brings vintage psych pop to The Knit on 09.23

"Television Eyes" by Steady Sun (strreaming below) is one of those songs that only takes a few seconds to keep you hooked. It's only one of many gently persuading psychedelic tracks on the NYC-based band's June 2017 remarkable album "Indifferent World." Clearly inspired by the British psychedelia of the '60s, the band's paced acid guitars and Hammond organs open up space for Dylan Nowik's familiarly "out there" melodies. Other surprising instruments appear throughout the album, including cello, accordion, what sounds like an oboe, and the unmissable sitar. Where this project departs from vintage psychedelia is in the controlled pop structure and flawless production, that never falls into the traps of self indulegence (so often triggered by the doping substances this kind of music is linked to!). If you are in the mood for some mildly mind altering music, don't miss these guys' show at The Knit on September 23rd. - Allie Miller 

A Deli premiere: Steady Sun unveils "Benthos" + play Arlene's on 03.10

NYC psych rockers Steady Sun's latest single, which we are premiering below, bears the aquatic title "Benthos," a term used to describe the flora and fauna found on the bottom of a body of water. Music and water have many things in common, in particular a fluid, "streamy" nature. But the concept of underwater recalls an extra set of attributes (like "dreamy, calm, slow-moving") that perfectly fit the profile of a mellow, psychedelic song. The track, with its plodding pace and dreamy atmosphere, certainly keeps faith to its title. Dylan Nowik's warm falsetto draws semi-unintelligible but arresting melodies, while ghostly strings and backing vocals float in a pool of reverb, creating a sonic environment that's as surreal as it is serene. If you dig this tune, check out the quintet's 2016 EP 'FLORA' and don't miss their upcoming show at Arlene's Grocery on March 10, opening for Indigo King. Check out also their previous single "Life At One Twenty Two," at the bottom of this page.


Steady Sun unveils new video for 'Irises' + plays 4 NYC shows in two weeks

We blogged about Queens/Brooklyn's psychedelic pop band Steady Sun (and saw them live) back in May. The group just unveiled this video for their single 'Irises,' which is a beautiful visual play on their dreamy melodies and flowery arrangements. The band has a busy local live schedule in the upcoming weeks, with four shows in four different NYC venues, including Palisades on July 26th and Baby's All Right on August 1st.


NYC mellow psych rockers Steady Sun announce LP 'Flora' + play Mercury tomorrow (05.30)

A little over two years after releasing their debut LP ‘Good Evening,’ Brooklyn/Queens quintet Steady Sun return with single “Lover Knows” (streaming below), a waltzing, guitar-twined psych-rock track with sweet hints of dream pop. Lead singer Dylan Nowik gently eases you over sleepy guitar lines, which then turn wonderfully alive and almost chaotic, making for a pleasantly chimerical song that is at once unpredictable and cohesive. The band’s sophomore album, ‘Flora,’ will drop this summer. In the meantime, catch them live at Mercury Lounge tomorrow (5/30). – Zach Weg

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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