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LA bands seen at SXSW: Swimm

Chris Hess and Adam Winn of the psych-pop duo Swimm, have brought their unique beach breeziness and pensive lyrics from Florida to LA. The recently released, Beverly Hells, is a sun-drenched relaxing ride through a genre-bending soundscape. Lo-fi, surf-infused, indie has never been more emotive. Fluidity and weightlessness pervade their sound but their live performances are also as visceral as it can get, and their SXSW 2016 shows confirmed that.


The Deli LA's Moonlighting Mondays — January

Cure your case of the Mondays by moonlighting at these venues with up-and-coming artists. Indietronic duo Magic Bronson kicks off their January residency at The Satellite, while Omar Velasco rekindles the Laurel Canyon flame at the Bootleg. Silverlake Lounge hosts Silver Snakes for two weeks, before the band's release of upcoming album Saboteur, and The Echo opens its stage for Florida's ethereal rock transplants SWIMM. Check below for residency line-ups. - Ryan Mo

Magic Bronson at The Satellite:

Jan. 4 — with Holy Cow, Booty, Rywolf, Dadon
Jan. 11 — with Kid Cadaver, Coyote, Psychic Love
Jan. 18 — with Nicky Blitz, Grit, Dadon, Ramonda Hammer
Jan. 25 — with Kingdoms, Slugs, Trickster Guru, Dadon

Omar Velasco at Bootleg Theater:

Jan. 4 — with PEARL CHARLES, Moke Hill
Jan. 11 — with Jenny O, Max Kasch 
Jan. 18 — with Leslie Stevens, Alex Siegal
Jan. 25 — with Odessa, Janitor

Silver Snakes at Silverlake Lounge:

Jan. 11 — with Flames of Durga, Vow, Sketch Orchestra
Jan. 18 — with The Ambient Light, VIS, Why We Use Knives

SWIMM at The Echo:

Jan. 4 — with Sam Setzer, Part Friend, and Green Gerry, DJ set by Kevin Bronson (Buzzbands)
Jan. 11 — with Golden Suns, Beach Party, and Gentle Pony
Jan. 18 — with Annuals, Andy Clockwise, Wolf Prize, DJ set by Kat Corbett (KROQ)
Jan. 25 — with Good Graeff, Told, New Electric Sound


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