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Syvia Releases New EP And Plays Rockwood Music Hall on 4.2

From the opening double-stick flam pattern drum figure, heroic guitar notes and vintage sine wave synth pads, Brooklyn’s Syvia lay claim to a classic alterna-pop sound on “Anxious Animal,” the lead track off their newly released 5 song EP “Silent Violence.”  A repeated vocal hook “you will never be enough, you will not amount to much,” suggests singer Ruth Mirky may be speaking of more internal doubts than anything outwardly accusatory. Though some have stated Yeah Yeah Yeahs as a stylistic equivalent (and overall vocal tone and recording techniques do bear this out) the song structure leans closer to early 1980’s “new wave” monster hit “I Melt With You” by one-hit-wonders Modern English.  However the pacing of this track is more deliberate and laden with harsher guitar layers pointing towards early aughts Swedish indie rock band The Sounds, pioneer new wave acts Blondie and Missing Persons as sonic counterparts.  In addition to the EP release, the band recently played dates in Norway, Sweden and Finland as part of The Brooklyn Sound Tour, and play next at Rockwood Music Hall on April 2. - Dave Cromwell


Brooklyn pop-gazers Syvia unveil 'Anxious Animal' from upcoming EP + play Pianos on 01.16

One of the hardest thing to find in today's record "industry" is artists who are able to keep improving. We've been following Ruth Mirsk's Syvia since 2011, and their musical output has been showing constant progress. The band's latest release is synth-pop/shoegazer track "Anxious Animal" (streaming), which is a taste of their upcoming EP scheduled for a February 2016 release. Echoes of the droney late '80s/early '90s reverberate through the layers of distorted guitars and synth pads, evocative of British acts ranging from the Psychedelic Furs to Echo and the Bunnymen. Ruth's vocals are appropriately semi-lost in a fog of reverb, and accentuate the moodiness of a single that's enjoyably pop notwithstanding its many noisy and tense elements. Which is sonething only good songwriting and production can pull off. Syvia will be performing at Pianos on January 16th.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Psych songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


NYC Bands News: Ghastly City Sleep, Syvia, The Prettiots

September is here and our "Press Releases!" inbox is already getting out of control. Let's deal with some news about emerging NYC bands in quick succession...

Definitely not a band lacking in intensity, Brooklyn indie rock quartet Ghastly City Sleep (pictured) will be releasing their sophomore album 'Lulling Skulls' in October, and have just unveiled a single from it (entitled 'Clumsy one') on Diffuser.fm.

We remember Syvia as an electronic band, but they just debuted this 'no budget' video for new single 'Two Homes' that definitely conflicts with that notion. The band will be releasing a full length entitled 'FWD' later this year, cool song and edgy video considering the budget!

The Prettiots charmed us to the core at our recent Ten Year Anniversary Parties, and this new video of single 'Boys (That I Dated In High School)' is further proof of lead singer Kay Kasparhauser's appeal. We sure wish we dated as many people in high school as she did! The band has a Pianos residency in September, starting tonight! (09.02).


Music Submissions roundup: Grassfight, Syvia, Anjelia

Here's our (almost) weekly appointment with the best records we found through our digital music submissions system (any artist can submit their music here).

Grassfight might be the gazillionth indie band referencing Joy Division in their sound, but their songs are so good that we are definitely not going to complain about that. Besides, there are a lot of other elements here that make things interesting: this is compelling psych-goth rock that's dark enough to be credible, noisy enough to be truly edgy and punchy enough to be entertaining. As an added bonus, lead singer Nathan can pull off some seriously high tension cadences a la' Nick Cave - something that pushes the songs' climax to thundering heights (see EP opener "Never you Mind," streaming below). The guitar work in the EP is also pretty impressive, ranging from stabs of pure noise to fuzzy walls of sound, to simple acoustic parts to psychedelic, blurred background textures. If you like some sonic horror in your music, keep an ear out for these guys.

A collaboration between lead singer/songwriter Ruthy Mirsky and multi-instrumentalist/producer Simone Ghetti, Syvia is an electronic NYC outfit that crafts ethereal electronic pop and does it well. Their songs shine in particular in the melody and harmony departments, with Ruthy's voice adding the right amount of character to the mix. See them live at Cake Shop on November 23.

Anjelia is a talented, emerging NJ based singer songwriter - and actress. Her song "A Long Way" is the highlight from her repertoire, and although it's probably a little too mainstream for us, it's undeniably a very good song with a catchy, interesting melody featuring an inpeccable vocal performance. Considering also the lady's looks, there's potential for a new, slightly more upbeat Lana Del Rey here.



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