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New Torito Album Available Streaming & Purchase

Fabric Scraps, the latest album from Torito, was newly released via U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art. Threading a quick-witted, unrelenting delivery with an affinity for layered lyricism, the bull takes the reins. Featuring contributions from Quelle Chris, E. Grizzly, Zilla Rocca, and The Hell Hole Store (ialive and Darko The Super), this collection of tracks continues to embrace a relaxed, humor-forward tone, within a nonstop, thoughtful mind that seems to cruise within a stream of consciousness. Press play, and then spin it again.

New Track: "Breakfast Loops" (Feat. Quelle Chris) - Torito

Fabric Scraps, the forthcoming album from Torito, is slated for release on January 12 via local label U Don't Deserve This Beautiful Art. Accompanied by Quelle Chris, the bull’s smooth, relentlessly charismatic rhymes jumps off a runway of jazz piano on his latest single, "Breakfast Loops". The tale intricately connects an array of subjects in a flash, so quick that if you blink, you’ll get lost in its lyrical dust. Catch Torito's album release celebration (with support from Lt Headtrip, The Karma Kids, JE Double F, Sol Patches, Ronnie Vega, and The Hell Hole Store) on Saturday, January 13 at LAVA Space!

New Track: "Glowing Clothes" - Torito

The bull’s on the loose! Torito unleashes a nonstop, lyrical torrent on his new single “Glowing Clothes,” which is slated to appear on his forthcoming release Fabric Scraps, scheduled to drop in January. Tenacious, stream-of-consciousness flows are welded with a scientific precision as the track speeds through the streets, meshing confidence with a comedic sense. Torito will be rushing the stage tomorrow night at Kung Fu Necktie, with Kiddead, Cody Cody Jones, and Felipe Pupo.

New Track: "Rapidash" - Torito

A heavy, pouncing beat with slices of video game tones lay the groundwork for Torito’s latest. “Rapidash” is fast-paced, lyrical wit that seamlessly connects an array of information, interspersing personal and social commentary. The single was produced by Silly Mane ( of Cult Fortified).


New Track: "Fresh Tourniquets" - Torito

Produced by YLXA, “Fresh Tourniquets,” the latest from rhyme-slayer Torito, is a torrential tirade, seamlessly transitioning between ideas in a flash. The leather bull mask-adorned wordsmith comes at you full bore yet maintains an ease in effort and tone - a sprinter so well conditioned that he burns the competition without breaking a sweat. Sit back, flip that play switch, and find out what happens when you mess with the bull. (Obviously, "you'll get the horns." - Assistant Principal "Dick" Vernon, The Breakfast Club)


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