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Troubled Sleep

Troubled Sleep - indie guitar rock like in the good old days

Boasting the perfect name for a (rather) dissonant indie rock band, Troubled Sleep is a young Brooklyn based trio whose songs take us on a trip back to the days when guitars still ruled the rock realm. These fellas - who judging from the pictures available seem too young to even enter a bar - already have 1 demo and two EPs under their belt. The trio forges the kind of "underdeveloped" songs we learned to appreciate listening to artists like early Pavement and (also early) Modest Mouse, replacing those bands' pop element with a preference for droney, borderline depressed and "closed" melodies. The contrasting voices of the lead singer's alto and the backing vocalist's tenor add an intriguing element to the band's sound. There's definitely a noteworthy amount of talent at work here, and the quality of the material is consistently good, which is always an important sign.


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