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True Blue

Record of the Month: True Blue's "Edge Of" EP - live at Elsewhere on 08.15

Everything about True Blue requires a double-take. A cursory listen of the debut EP from Porches’ bassist turned solo artist reveals a palette that often overlaps with Aaron Maine’s patented brand of throwback electro-pop. It’s on second glance where Maya Laner’s version of pop morphs into uncanny, yet compelling ballads that dig into the flesh of listeners. Using imagery that invokes the more rustic parts of the United States, Edge Of detail filthy characters and depressing scenarios. “Rocky Bottom” is a quaint tune that gallops at a steady pace, but Laner’s chipmunk vocals give this somewhat kitsch song an unsettling sense of reality that is wonderfully uncomfortable. The rest of the EP could also double as muzak from educational videos from the '90s, but it’s the warping of this very distinct vibe into something simultaneously blissful and unnerving that makes Edge Of a release that rewards multiple listens. The artwork perfectly sums up the music of True Blue: a somewhat simplistic pose that reveals something disturbing about its immeasurable size and discomforting beauty. Laner will be performing at Elsewhere on August 15, and you can stream her EP below. -Tucker Pennington

True Blue leaves SF for NYC, brings dreamy sadness to Baby's All Right on 01.20

True Blue, like a fair share of alternative artists, doesn't like to let any information about them transpire through their online profiles (in most cases, this is not due to love for privacy, but rock'n'roll-style lack of caring). This being said, it looks like this act really enjoys living in expensive US cities, since they list San Francisco and NYC as their home (we believe they currently reside in the latter). By the way, we are not sure why we are referring to them in the plural form, since they appear to be a one-woman bedroom project. Maybe because of this picture, which, together with this more electric version of single "Feeling Sad" (original streaming below) seems to imply that a band has been formed. True to their name and song titles, True Blue offers invariably sad and slow songs, sung by a beautifully melancholic female voice. It's a kind of sadness, though, that's ineherently (dream-)pop, and, therefore, very enjoyable. You can see them live for free at Baby's All Right on January 20th.


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