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TV Baby

Dark electro-rock from NYC: TV Baby

Neo-No Wave band TV Baby continue their onslaught of metal machine music with the summer 2012 single “New York Is Alright.” The duo (Matthew McAuley and Brain McPeck of downtown noise act A.R.E. Weapons) send up the city’s cultural (read: pretentious) aspirations with astute lyrics like: “New York is alright if you’re 12 years old sittin’ in your bedroom all alone at home dreaming about being Lou Reed or James Chance, doin’ some brand new 21st Century dance across the skyline of Manhattan where anything can happen.” TV Baby had a chance to play with Chance (a.k.a James White) at Don Hill’s (511 Greenwich Street) last year in support of their self-titled debut EP, itself a wild if derivative ode to No Wave pioneers like Suicide and the Bush Tetras. The duo’s squelching guitars and grimey synth sound took on ironic material by Bo Diddley, Little Richard and an echoey version of Chuck Berry’s “Mabelline” that was slowed down to reach maximum sensuality. Three years along, TV Baby have yet to transcend their obvious influences, but this latest single should be enough to keep interested parties, well, um, interested. - Brian Chidester


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