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Uni Ika Ai

Uni Ika Ai unveils video for 'Soft in Ice'

We called Brooklyn's Uni Ika Ai (pronounced: oo-knee ee-kuh eye) "dream pop' in July, but their new single 'Soft in Ice,' whose video we are streaming below, paints a more complex picture, one of a band not afraid to experiment with not so popular BPMs (the plodding "mid tempo") and harmonic content (dissonance, noise, and an initial melody that's not exactly a ray of sunshine), but still able to resolve these dark tensions through a chorus that delivers a big "prog-chestral" melodic opening, leading to a dissonant distorted sax solo that David Bowie would have loved to hear. The black and white (but mostly black) visuals beautifully underline the existential content of the lyrics. This would definitely be a candidate to be our video of the month if we only had such a thing!

Dream Pop act Uni Ika Ai releases single 'Make You Better' + announces LP

In recent years dream pop has become a big part of the "NYC sound" - probably only second to garage rock. Although Brooklyn-based quartet Uni Ika Ai, founded by Lucius’ Peter Lalish and Toebow’s Maia Friedman’s, can surely be categorized under the dream pop umbrella, they have the merit to steer clear from the genre's canonized influences (Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star and Broadcast). In “Make You Better,” the band's first single, Friedman’s voice draws an airy, slow melody over a glittering musical background where guitars and keyboards merge into each other, like colors do in paintings by the Impressionists. Baroque and classical elements emerge here and there, and new layers come to the surface or are exhausted as the song progresses. Their debut album, Keeping A Golden Bullseye In The Corner of My Mind will be released in mid October. Uni Ika Ai will begin a residency at C'Mon Everybody on July 13th.


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