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The Veda Rays

Veda Rays host Tuesday residency at Sunnyvale in February

Since premiering their first new track since 2014 here on the Deli this past September, Brooklyn's Veda Rays have been hard at work.  They released five song Shadow Side EP in November, as well as a second video for “False Coloured Eyes” (streaming below). In the video, the band is shown playing via a four way split screen, while lead vocalist James delivers his dramatic lyrical recitation through full screen edits.   The track hearkens back to the darker side of '80s second wave of post punk British bands, where synths and guitars merge with dark sounding, almost ominous vocals. The band will host a four night residency every Tuesday in February at Sunnyvale, where all the shows are completely free and feature many emerging NYC bands. In addition to the live performance the events will also feature photo & art exhibits, short film projections and spoken word performances. (photo by Julia Stibal) - Dave Cromwell

A Deli Premiere: Veda Rays share video for new single “Shadow Side”

Ahead of the October 6th release of their new single “Shadow Side,” Brooklyn art rockers Veda Rays are premiering in our blog the video for the record's titletrack (streaming below).  The single marks the band's first recorded material since 2014, and serves up a mix of organs, open electric guitar chords, and percussive tour-de-force, pulsating under deep, dramatic vocals.  With images of faces crossfading with ominous looking trees, the video introduces a lugubrious, dreamlike atmosphere. While the song progresses to deliver an ample hook in the chorus, the mood remains dark and mysterious, with the video now showing dark, full body figures with covered faces and rabbit masks, and a shrouded female dancer, all in white.  Referring back to the track's title, the band describes this symbolism as “a subliminal reaction to the projection of our collective shadow.”  “Shadow Side” will be released on their own Alleged Records imprint. - Dave Cromwell

The Veda Rays premiere "Waiting for Teeth to Show" from upcoming release + play Death By Audio tonight (04.25)

The Veda Rays' new single "Waiting for Teeth to Show" is proof of what can happen when a band takes its time to develop its sound and songwriting - a rare occurrence these days, in this city in particular. Channeling in part the noir, epic atmospheres of early Depeche Mode post-Vince-Clarke-departure, in part the romanticism of Duran Duran at their creative peak "Rio", this is an extremely well written, performed and produced song that bodes well for the band's upcoming full length release, scheduled for later in 2014. You can get a preview of the new songs tonight at Death By Audio, where they share the stage with Heaven's Gate, LostBoy?, Heeney & Sunflower Bean.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


The Veda Rays releases "Die Fast" EP

It sounds like Brooklyn pop-rock quartet The Veda Rays has been rather busy in the studio lately: they released the EP "Die Fast" on August 21st, and they already have a following EP (entitled "Life Kills") slated for an October 9th release. At that point they'll just need an extra, similarly titled EP, to have what might one day be remembered as the band's "death trilogy"!

From the former record, the smooth vocals of the single "Better the Devil" and its layered melody make for a sound reminiscent of a peppier, more upbeat Coldplay. The song may open the EP with foot-tapping shenanigans, but it's markedly livelier than the rest of the album; the three tracks that follow are shimmery indie rock. These twinkly numbers, dressed with psych edges, are very pretty at times, almost wistfully so. Guitar riffs flow underneath it all, uniting and carrying the EP forward. - Corinne Bagish


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