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Wiki releases new album 'No Mountains In Manhattan'

We’re finally at that point in our relationship with Wiki that he’s starting to let us in.  Where in Ratking, he and Hak bewitched us with visceral depictions of graffiti and skateboarding life from Harlem to Coney, now he’s solo and waxing philosophic.  In No Mountains in Manhattan, Wiki tells us how he really feels about everything from publicists to systemic racism.  He’s never preachy, and his flow is that perfect meld of NYC street style and afro-futurism.  The premier video “Mayor” shows him campaigning the streets dispersing “WIKI for Mayor” stickers while he asserts his indelible connection to his NYC fam.  Whether he wins against the incumbent or not, he certainly reigns supreme over the world he creates for us with his expert rhymes.


Alt Hip Hop for NYE at Aviv: Gloss Gang, Jaguar Pyramids and Wiki from Ratking

Up until a few years ago, many NYC "indie" venues didn't book hip hop acts - it still happens in many Manhattan ones. DIY Brooklyn has always being more open to the genre, so much so that this year Bushwick spot Aviv booked a bill of mostly local hip hop artists for their New Years Eve party (together with noisy avant-punk trio Show Me the Body, which isn't completely foreign to the genre). Wiki (of Ratking) will headline the night with a solo set, which - knowing the character and his talent - is bound to be entertaining. He released his debut solo album "Lil Me" earlier in December. Opening NYC trio Jaguar Pyramids will complement and to some extent exacerbate his dark and tense sound with their nightmarish grooves - check out their 8 track debut album here. Brooklyn quintet Gloss Gang will also be of the party; their recent single "Money, Hoes and Fashion" (streaming) shares the other acts' suspenseful, unconventional sonics and has become a small SoundCloud hit in just one month. Listening to these three tracks, there seems to be enough evidence to state that NYC hip hop is going through a creative renaissance. Maybe more local venues should open their doors to it.


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