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Alt Rock

Zr. King debuts single "Ships in the Night," release LP at Arlene's 05.16

The heavy punching hymns of pure alternative rock seem like a rarity these days but groups like Zr. King bring them to relevance with fuzzy guitar chords to spare. “Ships in the Night” is the group's second single off their upcoming sophomore album Musically & Morally Bankrupt, which is set for release May 17. The group formed in 2012 and is true to the power-rock that has elevated bands like Queens of the Stone Age to national stardom. The new track shows off the band's deep sonic arsenal, as it delivers one euphoric musical breakdown after the next—slick guitar solos, slithering basslines, bold drum fills - it's a sincere ode to hard rock. Zr. King calls the single "a celebration of the confidence that comes from rebuilding yourself." Celebrating is also what Zr. King will be doing at Arlene's Grocery May 16 as they perform on the eve of the album's release. - Rene Cobar


Caroline Mason Can Keep You Floating

Instrumentalist and composer Caroline Mason has an EP coming out this fall, and she released a new single this past March. The song is called “Floating”, and that's exactly the headspace the song takes you too. Sometimes it can be hard to maintain an ethereal, enigmatic space in a song with a faster pace. That doesn’t seem to be a problem Mason faces. Her voice echoes and floats above the percussion. Fittingly, this effect happens most noticeably as she sings about her feet being on the ground. It’s very easy to connect with the song. Mason is able to control the flow of both your mental intake of the song, and the physical responses your body has to her instrumentals.

Mason is responsible for all the instrumentation on this track. This becomes incredibly clear in the songs music video. The video consists of very close up shots of each instrument - her hands on the keyboard, her fingers on the guitar, her mouth as she sings. Occasionally we get wider shots of Mason, standing on a rocky dessert playing a single drum set, or the camera panning farther away as she strums on her guitar. It’s intimate and disconnecting, without feeling jarring. Check it out below.

-By Avril Carrillo, Photo by Christal Angelique 


Milk Bar Hosts Blac Rabbit, Moon Daze and Easy 4/24!

The Throwin’ Bo’s folks are bringing a pretty solid line up to Milk Bar this Wednesday night. A local favorite, Moon Daze, will be gracing the stage with their fun dream pop hotness. Easy is coming up from LA with their psych rock vibes. And last but dear lord not least is Blac Rabbit. It’s a true treat to have these boys touring from NY. Their rocks and rolls are high, their baselines are a dreamy hot backbone and all with just the right amount of reverb and harmonic moments that are on point. Wednesday the 24th at Milk Bar! - Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor

The Beach Bats - New Record "Last Resort" Exclusive Premiere!

Hamilton beach rockers The Beach Bats are getting’ set to release their first full length album “Last Resort”. The record opens up with their lead single “How Long” which shows the band slowing down the pace a bit with a Jim Morrison swagger in the vocals. “Tropical Illusions” definitely brings the holiday vibes with a dash of psychedelics mixed with the spacious guitars. “Cursed” has an atmospheric keyboard lick start it off before settling into a head-nodding beat with a really groovy bassline. This track reminds me of some Red Hot Chili Peppers with the way the rhythm section stays together and the guitars float along on their own but still in sync with the rest of the instruments. Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist Tony Doni has certainly expanded his vocal style recently for the Beach Bats along with the aforementioned Morrison influences he is also hitting some lower range Scott Weiland notes which adds a cool dynamic to their surf inspired tunes. The Beach Bats hit the road to show off their new album visiting Hamilton, London, Montreal, Ottawa and the Toronto show kicks it off on Thursday April 25th at the Piston. "Last Resort" is available everywhere on Friday April 26th! – Kris Gies


Debut Faucet EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Recorded & mixed by Hank Byerly, Heliotrope is the debut EP from the quartet of Faucet. A graceful observational/contemplative duality radiates from these songs as a personal search matriculates throughout the album. Vocally, a sense of balance and calm guides, as one negotiates emotive circumstances. Tranquility and friction come together, creating a sound that one can naturally turn towards.


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