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Abbi Press dances with herself and lemons in new video "Butterfly Effect"

Abbi Press has released a stunning video for her song "Butterfly Effect," a danceable indie-electronic tune chock-full of whimsical synth textures and accentuated by lightly, sparse percussive elements. The video, gorgeously colored and filmed almost entirely in slow-motion is dreamlike and mysterious. The integral recurring motif of the lemon is both striking and haunting- though I can't decide which feeling leaves more of an impact. One thing's for sure: this video is seriously cool, and a real treat to watch. -Geena Kloeppel

Michael Rocketship brings his quirky side to Alphaville on 11.18

Browsing through Michael Coleman/Michael Rocketship's rich discography is a little like getting to know a musical Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde. Under his real name, Coleman releases refined and clean sounding contemporary jazz records where he plays piano and synths. But when he uses the moniker Michael Rocketship, he unleashes his darker and quirkier side through an imaginative bedroom pop that incorporates math, psych and lo-fi elements. With three EPs released in the last year alone, Rocketship seems to be the dominant ID taking over Michael's musical presonality. You'll have a chance to get to know this side of him in person at Alphaville on 11.18. Check out single 'Down the Stairs,' streaming below.

New Aunt Dracula LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Scott Daly, a.k.a. Aunt Dracula, is at it again with the newly unveiled full-length album Freaker. A bombardment of mesmerizing, menacing, experimental beats takes one into a twisted tent of fantastic strangeness. Assimilate to the alternative reality, as dance-pulsating grooves and the murky vocal arrangement fade into a dense sonic forest. Leave a trail of crumbs behind though, so that you can retrace your steps.


New Track: "The Last Dog" - Inlets

Sarah Schimeneck (Mercury Girls, Pet Milk) has teamed up with Jeff Zeigler (Valley Exit, Arc in Round) to record under the moniker of Inlets. With “The Last Dog,” the duo casts a cinematic cloud. The two-headed combination of piano and synth looms, generating an ominous, windy stir that is further highlighted by the trailing echo of Schimeneck’s vocals. That elegant, isolated openness is beautifully dangerous.


Baby Money at Empty Bottle

Baby Money is now a trio fronted by Pamela Maurer. Back in 2016 she released the first installment in her shy-CITY trilogy. She has gritty 60’s pop sound, and is now preparing to release the next installment. The new album will be released by Midwest Action Tapes and will be a double tape accompanied by a mini graphic novel drawn and written by Pamela.

You can help Baby Money celebrate their new album on December 1st at Empty Bottle.


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