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Bells Atlas Releases New Single - Spec and Bubble

The Oakland-based pop-soul band Bells Atlas are gearing up to drop a standalone single, “Spec and Bubble.” Attempting to neatly describe the sounds that Derek Barber (guitar) Geneva Harrison (drums, percussion, keys) Sandra Lawson-Ndu (vocals, percussion, keys) and Doug Stuart (bass, vocals, keys) produce together is no easy task. Kaleidoscopic and richly layered, each new foray by the band expands the wide, colorful sonic palette from which they paint dazzling, vibrant structures from.


New Track: "Falling." - Instupendo

Drift ever so lovingly into the void with "Falling.", the latest single from Philly producer Instupendo, a.k.a. Aidan Peterson. "I hope it reminds you of the Autumn breeze," Peterson states. You can get lost in the soundscapes of Instupendo at PhilaMOCA on Saturday, December 10, where he'll be joined on a bill that will also include Buji, Good Intent, and Haven.


Explode Into Colors' Beneficial Reunion

Portland was an entirely different place back in 2008. The music community was still an actual community not divided, nor were the skylines divided by the rooftops of newly built condos and startups. On top of all this, Explode Into Colors basically exploded into the scene, offering a sound unlike the typical "I'm sad and everyone knows it" vibe Portland was used to.

Though they never actually made it to releasing a full album, their legacy of haunted noise punk lives on as does their advocacy for all-ages spaces. Drummer Claudia Meza, who like many of us and especially ones that didn't necessarily grow up in Portland, grew up absorbing the influence of live performances. All-ages venues were once an important facet for developing creative youth and are, for the sake of Explode Into Colors dual reunion sets today, something still deserving of the music community's attention.

"It's crazy to me that Portland, which boasts such a vibrant music scene, doesn't have a proper all ages space where up and coming bands are able to grow and play," says Meza. "Every city needs an all ages space, it creates community, totally makes better musicians, and it fosters a more inclusive and varied music scene. Every adult in every local music community should feel a personal responsibility to help make all ages spaces a reality."

That's why Explode Into Colors will be playing two sets tonight at Mississippi Studios. The first one is open to everyone with Hugo Berlin and Wampire also on the bill, starting at 6pm. It's a benefit for Friends of Noise, an organization dedicated to providing a safe all-ages space and all-ages shows in Portland's various neighborhoods. 

Explode Into Colors' 9pm set with Lithics and the Ghost Ease is 21+ and sold out, with proceeds going to keeping LA's the Smell open for its diverse masses.

Saturday Night Sounds: Dowager - "Sleep Paralysis"

With Mother Nature seemingly on a mission to tear the world around us apart, why not enjoy a fresh track that packs just as much weight as the weather? Last week, local post hardcore sect Dowager announced the approaching release of their second EP, Title Track, and subsequently shared its first single "Sleep Paralysis."

'Dowager fever' is quickly spreading around the states for quite good reason. They have somewhat a nostalgic approach to the genre, so if you're wise on the ways of hardcore/metalcore/awesome from the early 2000's, then you'll understand. As if a premiere on Stereogum wasn't proof enough, they've even landed on this week's Top Songs of the Week for Consequence of Sound, further confirming their received national attention.

Give "Sleep Paralysis" a listen below and be sure to stop Dowager's only October set tomorrow for drummer Ben Scott's birthday at Valentines. Title Track is due out just after Thanksgiving on 11/25.


Premiere: Sunset Exotic - Oddity // Mixtape

Sunset Exotic is the solo project of singer/songwriter/producer Charlie Foltz. His first mixtape titled “Oddity”, consists of the two flagship songs of Sunset Exotic, recorded at Charlie’s studio in Santa Rosa, California in June of 2016. The mixtape borrows elements of 80’s new wave, London synth pop, and modern french electronic music and explores the themes of love, manipulation and bitterness in a revealing tone full of brutally honest self assessment. Sunset Exotic aims to be sonically massive with moody undercurrents that are reminiscent of artists like Talking Heads, Gorillaz, Blood Orange, The The, and David Bowie. Currently, Charlie is wrapping up the debut EP that will release early next year under the Sunset Exotic banner. ​

"I started building up this collection of synthesizers from the 80’s and 90’s back in 2014 and immediately began to shoehorn them into just about every FRENCHGIRLS song we were making at the time. At the beginning of this year, I got really obsessive about making these grandiose productions with a combination of guitars, bass, drums, drum machines, and my synth collection to a point where I just figured, “Why not make a few albums of this?” Recently, I’ve found myself being inspired by a lot more artists like Midge Ure, Gorillaz, Talking Heads, Blood Orange, The The, Tame Impala, and Prince. They have this crazy ambitious production style that taught me how to think of individual roles within a band as non-static and flexible vs confined to just the one instrument that each member plays. Its been a pretty liberating way to write and for right now, I’m really digging that style of arranging and producing. “Oddity" is kind of my way of finally turning in a few pages of overdue lab notes from a bunch of late nights in the studio this year." -Charlie Foltz


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