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Rotem premieres new album at two release shows on 09.01 and 09.02

Rotem is the type of artist for whom the codifier “experimental artist” is worn with pride. On his latest album, My Favorite Monster, the fusion of jazz with other genres explodes with colorful shrapnel. The guitars and drums would feel right at home on a Flying Lotus record, while the intense solos sound straight out of '70s prog-rock. This devotion to tinkering with his sound allows Rotem to play with tone and mood in interesting ways, producing songs like the gentle and sensual “My Favorite Monster” to segue into “My Favorite Things”, a fiery and claustrophobic political track featuring hip hop artist Cliche. Rotem performed at two separate release shows this past weekend at Nublu and Pete’s Candy Store, and will take his new material on tour across the US starting September 13. –Tucker Pennington


Lava Mentality "Cleopatra"

Lava Mentality has released a second single, “Cleopatra”, the follow-up to “Coffee Queen” which was released earlier this month.

This song expresses the trio’s clear desire to be Cleopatra and find their own Ceasar. Isn’t that everyone's true desire?


Uberphonics release cosmic new album 'Apogee'

 Here at the Deli, we vibe with all different types of music, and today I have something slightly out-of-the-box for you. The SoundCloud hashtags describe it pretty well, so let's take a look at those: #jam , #theremin , #funky ...you get where this is going? The Uberphonics new album Apogee definitely encompasses a mixture of jazz, funk, psych and rock. There are moments when the album feels trippier, such as in "selenocentric" and "overview effect," and then there are tracks where drums and guitar really let loose into all-out psych-rock jams ("Everybody's Famous" and "Body Buzz"). Once in a while, it's nice to listen to music for melodic lines and textures rather than for lyrics and structure. And Uberphonics have given us so much sonic detail to take in. -Geena Kloeppel



Song Premiere: Chelsea Bridge “Down Again Today”

Chelsea Bridge is the solo project of violinist Mallory Linehan of Mikot Pt. and Looms. On September 21st she will be releasing her first album, Jo, via American Damage.

We are proud to be able to premiere the album's lead single “Down Again Today”. This track blends field recordings, ambient instrumentation, and Mallory’s beautiful vocals.


Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival Takes over Bushwick this weekend!

Hot off the heels of AfroPunk Festival, capitalizing on the sweltering final days of summer, the 6th annual 10-day long Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival brings together over 150 performers at 15 events.  If you’ve experienced it before, expect the same eclectic circus of music and mayhem featuring all musical genres (and non-genres!) as well as anything from cabaret to fashion.  It’s as raw as you’re going to find, representing one of the most vibrant and cutting-edge scenes on the planet.  It’s not sponsored by any corporations, and the 10-day pass costs about what you’d pay for a lunch for two in Manhattan.  Here’s a Soundcloud playlist of some of the local artists playing the fest. Don’t sleep. Discount tickets are available here.


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