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Avant-Pop artist Arthur Moon Releases New Single 'Standing Wave'

Queer pop artist Arthur Moon possesses a rare ability to take contrasting voices and pull them forcibly into close conversation. Her last single 'Wait a Minute' exposed hidden relationships found in otherwise opposed historical events. The video juxtaposed footage from old Dyke and Pride Marches with mid-century advertising tropes, producing a jolting experience where the viewer is left wondering what, if anything, do these two dominant cultural forces have in common. In less capable hands, this level of ambition might come up short on results, but Moon works as an alchemist with her sources.

In her latest single 'Standing Wave,' she continues this sorcery with even more directness. The track is supported by an off kilter groove undergirding a strong and alternately soothing melodic contour, working as a defibrillator that delivers sudden jolts to keep your heart beating in rhythm. Listen to both singles below. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)

Ethan T Parcell & Focus Group LLC

Focus Group LLC is they experimental opera ensemble formed and headed by Ethan T. Parcell (of Iverson) back in 2016. The group has been primarily focused on a performing and now recording the three act opera, “World Record”, that Parcell wrote. This is Hannah Bureau (violin), Eric Hollander (viola), Rebekah Dotzel (cello), Kenan Serenbetz (harmonium), Alec Watson (piano), and Ethan T. Parcell (voice).

Earlier this month Focus Group LLC released a new ambitious full-length recording of “World Record” which consists of 27 songs and 3 phone calls. It is an epic work of storytelling and world-building, and Parcell tells tales of a singer concerned with world records. The narrator shifts between topics first aid, raise awareness, and soft knowing through out the piece. 



Yomí “Tuutu”

Yomí is the work of harpist Michele Annise. She blend elements of jazz, funk, electronic, and classical music to create some of the most compelling and unique music in the city right now. Her latest single is called “Tuutu”, and it is the latest in series of singles she’s released in 2018.

You can catch Yomí at Schubas on September 2nd with Jordanna, Glitter Moneyyy, and Sports Boyfriend.

Photo by Jac.raw


Digyphus is an ethereal, experimental gem of a project

 Whoever (or whatever) Digyphus is- I'm here for them. Digyphus is described as the digital version of Sisyphus on Bandcamp, and is apparently fronted by one D. Andersen, who wrote and played all of the instruments on the project's new record, Escapism. To give you an idea of just how diverse that body of instruments is, I'll list a few: synthesizers, glockenspiel, electric guitar, and ocarina are all present in this album. "Digital Sisyphus" starts with an plucked acoustic guitar and piano arrangement, reminiscent of the "Call Me By Your Name" soundtrack. It builds into something a bit noisier, but not intrusively so. The whole record is awash in various reverbs and almost unnameable sounds. I could hardly pull myself away. -Geena Kloeppel


Lava Mentality "Coffee Queen"

Lava Mentality released their debut single “Coffee Queen” this week. If you are addicted to caffeine, like most, the opening samples on this track are sure to induce a headache. However, the wild and funky song that follows should go a long way to calm that caffeine headache.

This is art rock for "Coffee People" and anyone who enjoys fun but challenging music.


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