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time|space: an exploration in sonic improvisation

Royal Hands have partnered with Broken Shaker at The Freehand Hotel to create a new music series called “time|space: an exploration in sonic improvisation”. This will be a series of improvised performances from different bandleader's organizing a new trio each month. The goal is to offer "improvised psychadelia that embodies higher level contemplation through emotion, acceptance of imperfection, and patience within a larger body of work”. These events will take place the last Thursday of every month and will feature the talents of Jon Deitemeyer, Quinlan Kirchner, Matt Ulery, Xavier Breaker, Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo, Rob Clearfield, Anthony Abbinanti, and more.Jon Deitemeyer, Quinlan Kirchner, Matt Ulery, Xavier Breaker, Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo, Rob Clearfield, Anthony Abbinanti, and more.

This series kicks off May 31st at The Freehand Hotel with a trio organized by the talented Makaya McCraven, who released a tremendous LP, Highly Rare, back in November via International Anthem.


Sur Back releases new EP, "Kitsch II" + plays Baby's All Right on June 2nd

In her new EP Kitsch II,  New York avant-pop artist Sur Back - real name Caroline Sans - deeply mines the esoteric, incorporating obscure facets of many different genres into the record's four tracks. It's part baroque-pop, part new wave, and extremely avant-garde. It's sweet and melancholy, with unconventional string orchestration and an abundance of compelling, unexpected melodic twists. Listen to "Valentino" below and see the live show at Baby's All Right on Saturday June 2nd, opening for Chaos Chaos - Ethan Ames

Language unveil Plymouth EP, play release show at Baby's All Right on 5/16

After honing their skills via two self-released EPs, Brooklyn trio Language is set to release their new EP Plymouth via Good Eye Records on May 18th. The five tracks show the band developing a hybrid sound falling in a space between prog and industrial. “Where To” is a short burst, under minute and a half instrumental displaying the band's impressive chops. Angular rhythms and sharp cuts emerge from precise placement of drums, bass and guitar . “Game Piece” ramps up the tempo adding shouted punk style vocals over the shifting progression underneath. Title track “Plymouth” emerges out of jagged guitar textures that lead to a softer lyrical center followed by a Zappa-esque extended psyched-out coda. “Into and Out Of” (streaming below) pairs emergency broadcast signals with triple-time high-hat flutters before the full band throttle explodes into a throbbing onslaught. Final track “Square Winds” bring vocals back over an equally hyperactive rhythmic undercurrent. The band will play their release show at Baby's All Right on 5/16 with label mates Russian Baths, plus Grooms and Mezzanine Swimmers. - Dave Cromwell

Von Sell premieres “Digital Sleep,” a swirling, electronic collage

Like the mesmerizing blur of the world passing by as seen through a car window, Von Sell’s newest single “Digital Sleep” swirls with detail faster than we can understand. In a flurry of voices, delayed and warped into the dominant texture of the track, “Digital Sleep” urges us towards attention while never offering a chance to focus. Von Sell says, in an interview with Atwood Magazine: “I think we’re all constantly struggling to see what’s right in front of us. Being glued to your phone certainly doesn’t help but it’s probably the human condition to begin with.”

The track plays true to the idea of short-sightedness but also acknowledges its own investment in the beauty of so much sensory content, constantly veering in new directions, collaging together seemingly unlinked sections. The effect, particularly Von Sell’s production of his vocals into an ethereal backing, is dazzling. Though no concrete date has been released, the single will be part of an upcoming Digital Sleep EP, out this summer. Listen to the track below. – Cameron Carr


Dos Santos "Logos"

Dos Santos announced that their full-length debut album, Logos, will be released on June 15th via International Anthem today. Dos Santos has been honing their sound around Chicago for the last 5 years blending Jazz, Psych Rock, Pop, Cumbia, and more.

Last month the band released two singles, “Logos” and “Manos Ajenas (Touch You Every Day)”, from the LP, but officially announced the LP today. They have also released a new track, “Caminante”, which translates to “Walker” and is a perfect example of where this genre-blending band is today.

You can help Dos Santos celebrate the release of Logos on June 14th at Sleeping Village with Junius Paul.


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