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New Track: "Be Like Mike" - The News

"Sophisti-pop" outfit The News seduces with its latest single, "Be Like Mike". At first, the instrumentation comes off as seemingly innocent and playful. However, the throwback track eventually encourages you to grab that friend, who already has a significant other, and explore where an evening alone together could take you. "Trying hard to recreate love - how you remember."


New Track: "Block Steady" - Essonite

The electro-experimenting duo of Essonite recently shared a new single, “Block Steady”. Overlapping genre boundaries, the song rolls out with a polished funky, trip-hop vibe. Coasting on an intricate layering of sonic samples and textures, the track balances the ease of multifaceted movement with a warped appeal of immediate intensity. (Photo by Team Lil)


The Fur Coats to Host Art Show

Our favorite funky, R&B pop act the Fur Coats recently announced that they are going on a European tour this Spring! We applaud any and everyone that makes it out of the confines of the Pacific Northwest for a period time and we're definitely jealous we can't come with.

Since touring through Europe (or really anywhere, for that matter) is far from cheap, the Fur Coats have taken their part freaky, part dreamy talents to the canvas by creating some original art to help fund the tour. Most of these original pieces will be available for purchase, but prints may be available and have potential to be ordered.

Their art show will be this Wednesday, November 30 at the Turn Turn Turn from 8pm-11pm, but their art will be up for viewing all throughout December. A little DJ party will happen the first two hours to allow for everyone to properly take in the artistic creations, followed by a 45 minute set by the Fur Coats featuring some new songs.

It's 21+ and $6, so come out and help the Fur Coats get their show on the road.

Neon pop group Mandaila set to play Higher Ground Ballroom 12/30

Madaila, a Burlington based group with powerful pop hooks and tasty synths, are making some seriously ripe-for-radio tunes. Armed with soulful vocal performances, infectious grooves and a dash of neon, the band's sound is catchy and distinctive, but is also free to convey a bit of darkness lingering under the shimmering, synth-y mass. Take a listen to the band below, and catch them playing Burlington's Higher Ground Ballroom with Arc Iris 12/30.-Olivia Sisinni

Feel the Sting of SKGB at KFN Nov. 22

When a rubber band is stretched to its breaking point, the snap back into place tends to sting. No-wave music capitalizes on this moment - the sting of the return from an extreme to the norm. Historically prominent no-wave acts such as DNA, The Contortions, and Mars produced music that challenged sonic expectations and whose repertoires continue to provide a framework for contemporary artists seeking unabashed musical exploration. Philadelphia sound artist SKGB’s use of a Game Boy as a primary instrument runs counter to much of the joyful pop that makes up what people have come to call chiptune music, his own music sounding not unlike a Game Boy infested with rabies -  an erratic and over-driven songcraft that injects no-wave sensibilities into cheerful retro-gaming palettes. SKGB will be hosting a stacked line-up of no-wave acts tonight at Kung Fu Necktie such as the delightfully grisly Philly duo Ursula and the New York-based outfits Cellular Chaos and Radio Shock. The evening promises to be a solid outing for those who want to transcend their own expectations by temporarily transforming the Fishtown watering hole into a discordant dance hall.  Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $7, 21+ - Josh Kelly


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