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ELEL, Soft Bodies, and other Deli favorites depart for SXSW at South Bye this Thursday (03.10) at the Basement East

Not able to make it down to Austin and the sad demise of Couch by Couchwest has left a hole in your heart the size of the Lone Star State? Wipe those salty ol' tears away, because the Basement East is giving us a chance to bid farewell to a couple choice locals, at the same time helping them with gas money for the long drive toward the border. Read up on the groups below and make a stop by The Beast this Thursday (03.10) to see it all go down.



If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times—ELEL is one of the most promising groups we can name. Their live show is a blast, every release is polished to perfection, and the music is so upbeat and catchy that we're convinced "el-el" must be the sound it makes when joy claps.

Soft Bodies

Remember reading all about the debut EP from Soft Bodies all the way back in January? We dug it then, we dig it now, and we highly recommend you check out their textured, easygoing electronic vibes live.


KiND's Eunoia is a trip through varying expressions of electronic music from modern, dance-y numbers to more pensive tracks that get you nodding along all the same, but more like you're examining a black-and-white photo in a gallery exhibit.

The Gills

These guys have been keeping info about their debut LP locked down tight, but everything we've heard so far points to a thick stew of varying alt, punk, and hard rock influences that goes down easy and should keep you full for a good long while.

(On the other hand, if you are planning on being at SXSW, now's the best time to start planning by taking a peek at the Deli Magazine's preview coverage. Once you get there, don't forget to check out our Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Space events, both of which are free and will give you a shot to try out some real fancy gear. Also keep an eye out for the Deli SXSW print edition, which can help you out as an invaluable guide around town, some reading material for when you're waiting on a show to start, and in emergency situations, a little life-saving protection from the Texas sun.)

CD of the Month: My Gold Mask

Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo working on the dark electro-pop sound of My Gold Mask since 2009. On their latest album, dropping today, March 4th, on Moon Sounds Records, Anxious Utopia, the duo may have finally found perfection. It may be the addition of James Andrews on production, but most of the songs on the album were written by Armondo and Rochelle. This album is a mixture of dance pop in the vain of Carly Rae Jepsen and dark gothic pop of Siouxsie Sioux. Rochelle is powerful and commanding through out with Armondo and Andrews providing her driving and infectious club ready tracks. Anxious Utopia is My Gold Mask clearly firing on all cylinders.

You can catch My Gold Mask at Lincoln Hall on March 5th with Fee Lion and GGOOLLDD.

Bayonne (Formerly Known as Roger Sellers) Releases Gorgeous Looping Single "Appeals," Album Coming

It may look like we're posting about a new artist here, but (as many of you probably already know) Bayonne is an artist we at The Deli Austin are well familiar with; in fact, he graced the cover of our SXSW print issue just one year ago. Back then this artist went by his real-world name of Roger Sellers, but he's now taken the lovely name of Bayonne, which we think is rather fitting indeed for his beautiful music.

Speaking of, Bayonne put out another drippingly gorgeous new track into the ether under his new moniker about a month ago in order to prepare the ears of the world for his upcoming album Primitives, his debut full-length as Bayonne. Bayonne is known for his single-man looping mastery, and this single, called “Appeals,” has him at his very loopiest best, layering synth-wrought bells, thudding drum beats, understated guitar, crowdsound vocal sample and his own voice over a bright, summery piano melody that rises and falls and rises again like a fluttering feather in the wind. It's quite beautiful, especially at its heavily but delicately layered climax, and it shows that Bayonne may have a new name, but he is a musician who has worked hard for years to hone his particular sound into something all his own, and all sorts of good.

We can't wait for the full release, which comes sometime in the next month going by his Facebook posts. You can pre-order it at Bayonne's website here, whereyou can also check out his extensive tour list, which includes SX shows (at Waterloo Records, Container Bar, Barracuda and The Driskill) and a Spring tour all across the nation.



Grood (formerly Savvy) is the work of primarily Charlie Otto and Kasey Foster. They are preparing to release their debut EP, Singles Volume 1, on March 23rd.

You can catch Grood at Martyrs with Nootka Sound and Wild Earp on March 23rd.


Saturday Night Sounds: Reptaliens - "Forced Entry"

I'm trying out another new series here for the Deli Portland called Saturday Night Sounds. With it, I'm hoping to share a chill tune or two to be enjoyed by you doing whatever it is you do on Saturday nights. For its inaugural post, here is "Forced Entry" by Reptaliens. The track dropped some days ago, but I feel it's the perfect jam for this crisp weekend night. Both main members, Cole and Bambi B., have been literally immersed in various acts around Portland for the last few years. As Reptaliens' first track, "Forced Entry" conjures colorfully hazed happiness, like a pleasant dream transformed into a song. 

Reptaliens are set to drop a full length, aptly titled Recordings, sometime in the summer of this year. Considering "Forced Entry" as a peek into what Recordings will sound like, we only have great things to look forward to with its release. Enjoy it below.

-Cervante Pope


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