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The Lemons

The Lemons have released their full-length Burger Records debut, Hello, We're The Lemons. As with the other Burger Records releases, this a fun mixture of surf, garage, and bubblegum pop. The first 14 tracks of this release came out in 2014 on Gnar Tapes, but the next 14 tacks are newer and include their 2015 single "Judey". The band celebrated the release with a free show last night, Feb. 14th at Chicago's Bric A Brac Records


By definition Yeomans were attendants in a royal household...until now when Yeomas became one of my favorite rock bands in the GTA. They have top notch garage surf vibes. Influenced by The 13th Floor Elevators for sure and as far as more modern bands go I would compare them to the Allah La’s out of California. They have an EP available that was released in 2014. The opening track “Big Bikes” has some beautifully reverbed vocals and excellent surf guitar solos. “Elijah” takes you on a chilled out adventure to a beach....back in the 60‘s. Very nice psycadellia comin from this 3 piece. They even throw an instrumental at you just to make sure you’re awake. Easily one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a while. It’s worth spending money on. You can choose the price on their bandcamp page. Catch them live on Saturday at Bovine Sex Club with Flamingo Báy and Wine Lips. - Kris Gies


Wine Lips are a 3 piece garage trio from right here in Toronto. You may recognize singer/guitarist Cam Hilborn who spends most of his time rockin’  in Ol’CD. Wine Lips have 1 single released and its just enough of a teaser to make you want more and more. “Dead Beat” is pure garage punk cut from the cloth that the Ramones invented. It’s fast and hectic. It will inspire you to do nothing except get drunk. Cam rips some wacky solos in there that make your eyes spin to the back of your head. This single from Wine Lips is available on their bandcamp page. They’ll be opening up for Flamingo Báy and Yeomans at the Bovine Sex Club on Saturday. - Kris Gies

Candace drops Valentine's Day love tunes

If you're bumming on being alone, or just hate the holiday for the sake of hating things, then bask in the delight that is Candace's Valentine's Day weekend release, Teenage Tragedy. The two song drop consists of hazy bedroom pop covers of "I Wonder If I Care As Much" by The Everly Brothers and "Teen Angel" by Mark Dinnings, executed in a manner that's both romantically dreamy and gloomily sappy. Whether you're spending the day single or with a partner, turn out the lights and play Teenage Tragedy on loop. It's much better than every lame love song on the radio.

-Cervante Pope



Jonesin & The Hurt started off as 2 street musicians who decided to throw together a lil band to complete their Party Folk Rock! Anyone who likes to party is cool with me. They released a record last year called Why Not?....cuz why not right? Right off the bat you can tell they are taking folk tracks and turning the party wayyy up. Duel vocals comin’ at ya nicely in the opening track “Please Give Me”. Up next is “Cucumbers” and as the title would suggest...it’s kind of madness. There is some interesting changes of pace in this tune and the lyrics are a bit goofy too but what would you expect from a track called “Cucumbers”. A Nova Scotian and an Ajaxian (is that right?) started this group and they now call Toronto home. You can catch Jonesin’ & The Hurt at The Central on Saturday along with Bare Claws. - Kris Gies


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