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Jonesin & The Hurt started off as 2 street musicians who decided to throw together a lil band to complete their Party Folk Rock! Anyone who likes to party is cool with me. They released a record last year called Why Not?....cuz why not right? Right off the bat you can tell they are taking folk tracks and turning the party wayyy up. Duel vocals comin’ at ya nicely in the opening track “Please Give Me”. Up next is “Cucumbers” and as the title would suggest...it’s kind of madness. There is some interesting changes of pace in this tune and the lyrics are a bit goofy too but what would you expect from a track called “Cucumbers”. A Nova Scotian and an Ajaxian (is that right?) started this group and they now call Toronto home. You can catch Jonesin’ & The Hurt at The Central on Saturday along with Bare Claws. - Kris Gies

Buy Leche's Two New Drunk Southern Punk Tracks, Get Your Butt Licked for Free

Lookin' for some real Texas-ass punk shit? Give this new two-tracker from Austin's Leche a few minutes to thrash yer brains up all nice and scrambly. It's some grumbling, don't care about nothin' DIY bluespunk glory; real drunk Southern madman music the way you want it to be (and rarely get), and it's fun as fuck. As Leche themselves say, “GEt your Butz REady To Spend the Next 4 Minutes In Heaven” by clicking yon play button below and, if you're so inclined (wink wink, nudge nudge), the band says they'll “meet you down Buttlick Alley between Beerland and Sidewinder for one heck of a time” if you send them a few old fashioned, green “American Dollers™”/for the download. Texas punk and buttlicks? A hard bargain to turn down, if you ask us.


Battleme to play first of three album release shows at Bunk Bar

Battleme is one of Portland’s best-kept secrets and it’s honestly a shame. Matt Drenik writes insanely catchy garage rock pulled straight from the 1970’s in a way that is fresh and unique in a city inundated with garage groups. This weekend, Battleme is playing three release shows across the Northwest for their new album, Habitual Love Songs. Habitual Love Songs is an album that immediately calls attention to itself: it’s both fuzzy and refined, heavy and danceable. You could stream Habitual Love Songs online, but what you should do is watch them play live tomorrow, the 11th, at Bunk Bar, in what will likely be your favorite garage-rock show of 2016. 

-Sarah Eaton


Alright Panther @ Mutiny

Alright Panther released their latest EP, OOZE, last month digitally and on green cassette.

You can catch Alright Panther at The Mutiny ( 2428 N Western Ave) on Feb 19th with Mystery Crash, Dimwaves, and Johnny Snotlocker Wilson for just $5 donation. Photo by: Dan Javis of Midwest Action



Womb...a 3 piece rock trio originally from the Ajax area and now based in Toronto. They say it nicely themselves "a group of musicians who keep it raw and full of swing." They play some pretty dirty rock but their tunes definitely have some swing and jazz influences running about. Lead singer/guitarist Ragwax is a jazz guy himself...often playing solo gigs all over Ontario when Womb isn't raising hell. Good news folks, they have a brand new album on the way later this year called "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up". They just released the first single and video from the upcoming album. The track is called "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright". It's a really groovy track...the verse parts will keep your head bobbing and toes tapping. It has a retro feel to it as well. Something that could be playing at the diner while your grabbing a milk shake with that new girl in town. Really digging Ragwax's vocals in this track too...kinda lazy singing with just enough rasp in the voice. These fellas will be lighting up the stage at the Horseshoe Tavern on Thursday February 11th along with Big Name Actors, The Lipstick Junkies and the Zoes. Have a listen to this new track from Womb.


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