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Furr "Jail" EP

The Garage Rock duo of George Coutretsis and Ryan Quilty (aka Furr) released their sophomore EP, “Jail”, last week. This is the first new music from the duo since 2016, and thy are promising that their full-length debut is also on the horizon.


I.O.U. showcases its ferocious side in debut EP

Brooklyn’s post-hardcore trio I.O.U. demonstrates that it means business with a visceral display of sonic anger in the opening track of their newly released EP I.O.U. ONE. “Captain Howdy” cleaves its way into the eardrums of the listener with the ferocity of its guitar riffs, a fuzz-infected bassline, and dauntless drum fills that may leave you in a feverish state of thrill. The group’s four-track record starts at a high intensity and never lets up the energy, without giving up the opportunity for sonic experimentation given by slower tempos, like in second track "My Maytag." The vocals of all three members shred through the entrails of “Swamp,” while in “Bossy” the trio lets everyone know that “cannibals are people too.” I.O.U. is a feral band in all the right ways, check it out below. - Rene Cobar


New Track: "Fill the Sea" - Psalmships

“Fill the Sea” is the new single from Psalmships, and it is featured on Joshua Britton's forthcoming EP Keep Your Words. A twisting riff leads into a quaking backend as treacherous, sonic seas are entered. The weight of the instrumentation is sliced through by the guiding, ghostly vocals. Psalmships will be taking the stage at PhilaMOCA on Saturday, May 18, on a billing that also includes The Bones of J.R. Jones and Dan The Movie.

Beers in your face on Cal Rifkin's "Sleeper Hold"

The Replacements, $3 malt liquor, summer vacation, Cal Rifkin's music conjurs sounds and memories, a commendable accomplishment. All the ingredients for success are there and are intuitively executed. The driving, lo-fi rock sound, the sentimental lyrics, the secretly sick guitar solo, oh the fond memories that I'm sure it would evoke in me if I had any fond memories of high school and college parties. Rifkin has the basics down, and the result is music made with passion; music that can satisfy the short-attention spans of the inebriated; music that can engage you while also secretly helping you to achieve catharsis. To this I say well done sir!

-Mike Dranove


Daddies come out swinging in debut EP, play Baby's All Right 05.23

Garage rock is still kicking very hard in NYC thanks to bands like Daddies who take every aspect of the genre's do-it-yourself(-and-have-fun) very seriously by churning out one distorted chord progression after the next in their first EP titled—simply and in classic punk fashion—EP 1. The crazed songs in their debut record summon the energy of '70s pioneers like The Ramones and The Dead Kennedys. The acoustic opening in their song “GoodBye" (streaming) is perfectly disrupted by the electric guitars which come roaring in, and the aggression is taken to the next level by a seemingly constantly speeding tempo and by a furious drum solo finale - there's Daddies for you. The group is taking the stage at Baby’s All Right on May 23, and it is bound to be a hell of a good time. Check out “GoodBye” here below. - Rene Cobar


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