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New Ronnie Vega EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

The Lost Vega Vol. 1 is the new EP from Ronnie Vega. It unifies the grimy immediacy of punk and hip-hop, two genres that have historically crossed paths. Echoing the daily grind, these tracks shake with a sense of focused desire and desperation. Vega & Co. are slated to perform at LAVA Space this Wednesday, November 8, as part of a lineup that also includes Todd Killingz, Cult Objects, and Ohioans Vacation.


New Hound LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Born Under 76, the new LP from the hard-rockin' trio of Hound, was recently released, with Let's Pretend Records handling vinyl and cassette formats, while CDs are available via SRA Records. Oozing an inherent vocal-commanding, riff-galvanizing, classically heavy sound, a loose, energetic clarity resounds. Saturated in fuzz and quaking backend, the band finds a manner to channel its, at times, psych-inflected, adrenaline-laced tone, while maintaining a tank full of fun. That dynamic groove/riff combo seeps into your skull, and won’t let go.

Debut Hellrad EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Counting Sins is the new album from the trio of heavy, known as Hellrad. Featuring former members of JavelinaEat The Turnbuckle, and Jail, the band submerges one in a brutal bass-quaking, percussion-smattering onslaught. Nonstop, cavernous grooves weld with guttural, guiding vocals and thunderous riffs, producing an ever-advancing brand of sludge. Currently in the midst of a stretch across Europe, Hellrad will be back in town at Century on Friday, November 17, on a lineup that also includes Traitor, Night Raids, and Suppressive Fire. (Photo by Useless Rebel)

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New Track: "Aqualamb" - HOUND

"'Aqualamb' is an open letter to the man in the White House (who shall not be named)," HOUND frontman Perry Shall shares. "It is written from the perspective of all the people whose lives he is trying to destroy." And with a chorus that pays homage to Harry Nilsson's "Jump Into the Fire," the band's latest single is a riff-heavy denouncement of the Cheeto-in-Chief. The protest anthem can be found on HOUND's forthcoming album, BORN UNDER 76, due out on October 20 via Let's Pretend Records, and you can rock out with the power trio that very same evening at Space 1026 with Dialer.


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