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Shiny Wet Machine to bring their indie/punk to Webster Hall 4/23

Bewitching enough to draw you in, but posessing the raw power of an ever edging powder keg, Brooklyn-based duo, Shiny Wet Machine is a sublime blend of indie rock and punk aesthetic. A project uniting Sizzy Rocket and Alex Fitts (aka the Kickdrums), Shiny Wet Machine's tracks are infectious, hip-shaking tunes with unapologetically jagged teeth--sugar and spice and whatever manages to fall in between. Check out what can only be an explosive set when the band plays the Studio at Webster Hall 4/23, but in the meantime stream new track "Euphoria" below. - Olivia Sisinni

Model/Actriz release vicious new EP No

Some music just hits you with a physicality that cannot be simulated. Such is the case with noise brutalists Model/Actriz, an experimental foursome that puts forth a shierking behemoth of mechanized rhythms and grinding guitars. Frontman Cole Haden is the main driver on their latest EP, the laconically titled No, his assaultive spoken-word musings taking a fully uncompromising stance as the stakes turn more and more menacing. They're contemporaries to the likes of Death Grips, but also evoke the visionary viciousness of Touch & Go records in their prime, rendering an impenetrable confluence of noise stylings that's as suffocating as it is magnetic.

You can stream the entirety of No by visiting their official bandcamp page.


Cat Tatt releases debut album 'Litter' + plays benefit Mini-Fest on 04.22

Brooklyn duo Cat Tatt just released their debut album, Litter, an austere, wall-shaking indie-rock record with a sensitive core. Mem Pahl’s guitar work is varied throughout, with jangly math-rock influenced outros contrasting the fuzzy doom riffs you find in tracks like “In/Different” (streaming below). The song explores the hypocritical and binary way we often treat love and pain. Sarcastically, Mem snarls “Not that kinda pain, or the other kind of pain, but another kind of pain.” Replace “pain” with “love” and you have the tune's climax. Simple wordplay, but it evokes something at once personal and universal.

Cat Tatt will be playing April 22nd at a “Mini-fest” benefit for Earthday in Bushwick. Proceeds are going to environmental groups Sierra Club and Uprose. - Martin D. Ritchie



"Two recovering punks and an indie rocker walk into a bar"....and according to the bio that's how Talk Show Host was created. Their latest release is an EP "Perfecty Competent" released in May 2016. I can be picky with my punk rock taste and these guys have nailed it. They have catchy pop punk tunes reminicest of the early movement like Face to Face and Millencollin as well as early Blink 182. Chords are tight, basslines take off for a spin of their own from time to time, rippin drums and nice harmonies. Go see Talk Show Host at Smiling Buddha on April 21st. - Kris Gies



First Base is a modest name for this band. They could be called Home Run...at least Third Base. They put together some excellent throwback pop punk tunes. They actually could be from the 70's or 80's and no one would ever know. "You've Got A Hold On Me" is perfect for if you wanna just rock out...or if you have a certain love interest and couldn't quite figure out the words to describe it. First Base will be playing the Garrison on April 18th! - Kris Gies


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