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Portland's Best in Garage/Punk for 2017: Mr. Wrong, On drugs, Wave Action and G*U*N

One of our largest polls yet has set so many great bands (and many of them, friends with one another) against each other in a fun battle to figure out the best in punk and garage for the 2017 year. After tallying up the votes, we've got your top two picks from the readers' poll and the overall (jurors' and readers') poll, so let's say a big congrats to:

Mr. Wrong

At barely a year or so old, the fierce power that comes from Mr. Wrong is undeniable. They scored the highest in our anonymous juror poll and if you've ever heard or seen them dish out their riot grrrl redux flavor then it all makes total sense. So far, we've only got their Distraction demo to enjoy along with their live sets, but hopefully we'll be seeing more from this collection of lovelies soon.

Wave Action

Second in line for our jurors' picks is Wave Action, whose relentless devotion to taking the stage has quickly garnered them much attention. If anything, they could go down in Portland's 2016 yearbook as "Band that Played the Most Shows," but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, since they've got their hazy surf down pat. 

On drugs

With probably one of the best, straight to the point band names in town currently, On drugs embody what just about all of us Portlanders are all about - chillin' out, partaking in a substance or two, and listening to good music. They're gearing up to release their debut full length and from what we and the rest of you have seen of them, it's no wonder their weed rock was the top choice amongst our readers.


Everything about G*U*N, from their wild stage presence to their unapologetic in your face-ness, make them the perfect poster children for the modern hardcore punk movement. It might be hard to make out exactly what is conveyed through their savage screams, but what is known is how good their approach to the genre is.

Those these four took over our charts, much acknowledgement needs to be given to all of our participants!

 Dim Wit
  7%   82 votes
 Macho Boys 
  6%   69 votes
  19%   208 votes
  5%   53 votes
  10%   109 votes
 Mr. Wrong
  3%   36 votes
  3%   36 votes
 San Lorenzo
  0%   6 votes
  8%   94 votes
 On drugs
  27%   288 votes
 The Goobs 
  4%   42 votes
 Wave Action
  2%   26 votes

Math the Band (The Band) Hits The Middle East Upstairs 2/18

 Not to be confused with Math the Band (those guys are retired), Math the Band The Band is a 6-piece electro-punk band from Providence that brings a consistently catchy, youthful, synth-heavy brand of punk rock to the New England scene (think Bomb the Music Industry, but more infectious).  Formed over 15 years ago by songwriting duo, Kevin Steinhauser and Justine Mainville, Math the Band (the Band) has grown and evolved into a major voice, both locally and nationally.  An auditory sugar rush, these guys are guaranteed to tear the roof off of any venue, including the Middle East, where they will be performing on 2/18 with Old Table, Request Freebird, and Ben Hersey. -Brian Varneke


New Beat Jams EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

From its opening moments DOG, the new EP from Beat Jams, lures one in immediately. The hypnotic, deep-churning, bass-driven beats and Carolyn Wayne’s bewitching vocals comingle in a sometimes riotous, other times seductive, danceable manner. The five-song collection feels both grimy and infectious, a potent punk-garage resin that sticks in your head and feels freeing. Beat Jams will be opening Louie Louie's record release celebration for their debut LP Friend of a Stranger this Friday, February 10 at PhilaMOCA, along with Dark Web.

No One and the Somebodies bring insanity to Sunnyvale on March 1st

With an "anything goes" aesthetic reminiscent of Jeff Rosenstock’s DIY ska/punk collective Bomb the Music Industry! (but ten times noisier/weirder), Bronx's No One and the Somebodies is an ambitious excercize in blending instrumental experimentation, punky vocals, and fun. Mathy tendencies, blended with or juxtaposed to uncoordinated melodies and slacking moments, come together to somehow build a sound that kinda makes sense, in particular for those music fans that are still in search of unusual music that defies categorizations. Not new to the scene, One and the Somebodies released their debut album in 2004, and their latest (a split album with Palberta) in the summer of 2015. You can see them live at Sunnyvale on March 1st.


The Deli's Best Emerging Philly Punk/Metal Artist: Mannequin Pussy!

Congrats to Mannequin Pussy for winning The Deli Philly's Readers'/Fans' and Overall (readers/fans + jurors) Polls for the Punk/Metal category! There are few emerging bands that can match the energy and ferocity of a live performance from Marisa Dabice, Thanasi Paul, Kaleen Reading and Colins Regisford. The band also released one of the best Philly albums of 2016 in Romantic (Tiny Engines), which was our November Record of the Month. "Mannequin Pussy’s ability to transition between melody and dissonance from track to track is mesmerizing." The quartet will be performing next in Philly on February 24 at Johnny Brenda's as part of The Trevor Project Benefit. 

We also need to mention Pinkwash, who placed second in the overall chart, and Soul Glo, who was runner-up in our readers'/fans' poll and third overall in this category - well done guys and gal!



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