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Best Austin Acts At ACL 2017

While Jay Z and the Chili Peppers will grab the headliner time slots and majority of headlines at weekend 1 of ACL, there are a handful of Austin artists who were tapped to represent the local talent pool that are worth seeing as well. Most Austin festivals do a pretty good job of bringing in local talent, and ACL is no different. While well-known national bands like Spoon and perennial favorites like Asleep At The Wheel, are guaranteed to draw sizeable crowds - we want to spotlight our five up and coming local acts, who are snowballing with newfound momentum.


1. Mobley - (Saturday 11:30 AM @ Miller Lite Stage) 

A talent who cannot be placed neatly in a solitary genre box - Mobley blends R&B, electronica, and hip-hop for a unique twist that is credited and fortified by superior songwriting. Mobley has the most potential of any artist on this list, and possibly in the city of Austin.  See him now before you're forced to use a binoculars to see him in a few years on the headliner stage;)

2. Capyac - (Saturday 12:15 PM @ Titos Stage)

Although orginally from Georgia, these electro dance wizards know how to get a funky dance party started. A large local following and magnetic stage show means that Capyac is sure to envelope you into their indie electro fold if you give them a chance.

3. Melat - (Sunday 12:30 PM @ Titos Stage)

An Ethiopian goddess whose voice is as smooth as it is seductive, Melat blends soul and R&B  with haunting and profound songwriting.  This voice is too serene to remain an Austin secret for much longer, so an early visit Sunday to the fest is definitely in order.

4. The Black Angels - (Saturday 5 PM @ Barton Springs Stage)

While the Black Angels are known internationally and have been purveying psychedelic rock for quite some time, they still have a transformative live show and a slew of hits to keep you slack-jawed for their entire set. They may not be a shiny new band, but Christian Bland is one of Austin's most prolific songwriters for a reason, so don't miss out.

5. Missio - (Friday 1:15 PM @ HomeAway Stage)

Many Austinites do not know that Missio is a local band, although you've almost undoubtedly heard them before, but that's because they have rocketed to the national stage without having to play a decade in Austin bars. Dark moods, sinister lyrics, and addictive beats make this act definitely worth a listen at the festival.



Alt Pop

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Cut Worms
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Baby's All Right

The Boleys Are Three Siblings On The Move

Bringing a harmony that can only be created through shared DNA, the Boleys have created a sound on their recently released self-titled debut album that peaks and crashes with a magnetic urgency.  Influenced by classic rock artists as well as unique contemporary artists, the Boleys are a fusion of eclectic influences and sounds that are pushed through a Southern fried filter. Songs like "Learning" and "Purple Skies" are short staccato songs that thrash and wail with wanton abandon.  The Boleys are riding their new momentum into an October 13th show at Kick Butt Coffee with other artists like Dayeater, Naga Brujo, and Burn Ban. Catch his family act live on Friday the 13th!


French Chanteuse Seduces With Synthpop

Enchanting and magnetic, Lou Rebecca is a gift from Paris that has decidedly made her home in the Austin synth scene. Her self-titled debut album is an amalgam of disco, ambient and, avant-garde electronica that flow effortlessly together. Rebecca's timeless pop sound is fortified with the artist's air of mystique which is well choreographed and thought out. The elegance of Rebecca pairs well with her venerated label, Holodeck Records, who boasts a stable of genre-bending and eccentric talent. The future is bright for the mesmerizing young woman who is casting her spell over the city of Austin.



Bad Rituals Explore Psychotropic Hip-Hop Vibes on Debut EP

 Sprung from the melting pot of musical influence that can be found in the UT dorms, Bad Rituals is a quartet of varying instrumentation that have unapologetically fused hip-hop, psych-rock, reggae, and funk into their own unique sound. Zach Black and Daryl Uberoi came together to form the core songwriting engine for Bad Rituals and their rap lyrics and serrated guitars are closer to Rage Against the Machine, as opposed to Limp Bizkit or other rap/rock phonies. Having played together for five years, Bad Rituals has finally come through with a self-titled EP that was recorded at Fifth Street Studios and released on September 1st, 2017. Bad Rituals has confidence, energy, and youth on their side - and there is no reason their music won't be reaching a larger audience anytime soon.


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