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The Boleys Are Three Siblings On The Move

Bringing a harmony that can only be created through shared DNA, the Boleys have created a sound on their recently released self-titled debut album that peaks and crashes with a magnetic urgency.  Influenced by classic rock artists as well as unique contemporary artists, the Boleys are a fusion of eclectic influences and sounds that are pushed through a Southern fried filter. Songs like "Learning" and "Purple Skies" are short staccato songs that thrash and wail with wanton abandon.  The Boleys are riding their new momentum into an October 13th show at Kick Butt Coffee with other artists like Dayeater, Naga Brujo, and Burn Ban. Catch his family act live on Friday the 13th!


French Chanteuse Seduces With Synthpop

Enchanting and magnetic, Lou Rebecca is a gift from Paris that has decidedly made her home in the Austin synth scene. Her self-titled debut album is an amalgam of disco, ambient and, avant-garde electronica that flow effortlessly together. Rebecca's timeless pop sound is fortified with the artist's air of mystique which is well choreographed and thought out. The elegance of Rebecca pairs well with her venerated label, Holodeck Records, who boasts a stable of genre-bending and eccentric talent. The future is bright for the mesmerizing young woman who is casting her spell over the city of Austin.



Bad Rituals Explore Psychotropic Hip-Hop Vibes on Debut EP

 Sprung from the melting pot of musical influence that can be found in the UT dorms, Bad Rituals is a quartet of varying instrumentation that have unapologetically fused hip-hop, psych-rock, reggae, and funk into their own unique sound. Zach Black and Daryl Uberoi came together to form the core songwriting engine for Bad Rituals and their rap lyrics and serrated guitars are closer to Rage Against the Machine, as opposed to Limp Bizkit or other rap/rock phonies. Having played together for five years, Bad Rituals has finally come through with a self-titled EP that was recorded at Fifth Street Studios and released on September 1st, 2017. Bad Rituals has confidence, energy, and youth on their side - and there is no reason their music won't be reaching a larger audience anytime soon.


Dayeater Prepares For Psych-Amphetamined Follow Up


 A trio of frenetic musicians that believe in the power of upbeat tempos and multiple harmonies, Dayeater is an unending ball of energy. Gutarist, Jesse Lee, shreds through multi-faceted tracks while bassist, Chris Brockett, keeps them running on a straight track. The music is energizing and their live shows back that up with maximum effort given. Versatility lines the band's past work but their upcoming album should bring their production to a zenith. The crew plays Kick Butt Coffee on September 8th and they seem keen to share their newer songs for the fans who attend.



Houston Strong: Bands Come Together For Relief Fundraising


Some of Austin's best bands took action on short notice to put together a show that would help raise money for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. Do512 presents Black Joe Lewis, The Octopus Project, Robert Ellis, Walker Lukens, The Deer, and Otis the Destroyer who will all be taking the stage at the Mohawk on Friday, September 1st. If the circumstances hadn't been so dire and bleak for bringing this all-star lineup together, a show like this might be celebrated as the best local lineup of the year. The fact is that most of us here in Austin feel useless, since most of us can only donate to help the flood victims. This show offers an outlet to come together and show solidarity with our fellow Texan while also helping bring some monetary aid and supplies to the relief effort.

Donations of diapers,formula, blankets, pillows, toiletries, cleaning, supplies, first aid kits, new socks, new undergarments, bottled water and non-perishable food will be accepted as well.

To make a monetary donation, check out this site: https://ghcf.org/hurricane-relief


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