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Whiite Walls Continue to Lavish Austin with Disco Vibes


Whiite Walls brings a tropical and infectious energy that illuminates any stage they perform on. A familiar presence in Austin for the last five years, the quintet still command a loyal following, despite a dearth of new music releases. The retro-funk group focuses on their singular goal of fomenting dance parties, but their influences point to Chic, Sister Sledge, and the Parliament. Lead guitarist and vocalist, Brent Dobey, orchestrates a deft symphony of tempo changes and choral explosions that can't help but leave listeners in a trance. Keep an eye on these funketeers as they continue to spread their charm throughout Austin's dance floors.


Whiite Walls Lavish Austin With Disco Vibes


TC Superstar Ignite Dance Party With New EP 'Heat Death'


Unapologetically 80's with their synth beats and new wave vocals, TC Superstar is motivated to get Austin moving by igniting an off-beat fire on the dance floor. Started as a solo project by Connor McCampbell in the Summer of 2017, TC Superstar has grown into a six-piece live performing band.  TC Superstar's first album, Masc, was released in September 2017 through Austin-based Porch Fire Records but it's their latest EP 'Heat Death' that has massive electro-potential. McCampbell's deep baritone floats over pulsating dance-centric beats that slowly become fortified with a chorus of radiant synths.  The confidence ingrained in the music and the musician's zeal for live performances make TC Superstar a hot attraction whenever found on a music bill. While retro vibes are evident with Talking Heads and Thompson Twins coming through quite clearly, McCampbell also channels contemporary dream pop like Chairlift and Austra in his songwriting.  Young, talented and ambitious - keep an eye out for TC Superstar.


Levitation Fest 2018 Photos

Photos include: Annabelle Chairlegs, No Age, Relaxer, DIIV, Ariel Pink, Ruby the Ratchet





Mike Melinoe Pushes Hip-Hop Outside It's Comfort Zone

 He might be from Detroit, bit it is here in Austin that Mike Melinoe has decided to plant his creative seeds.  Melinoe is a talented painter, but it is producing and performing music that proves his true passion.  Mike Melinoe does not approach his craft from a traditional strategy, rather he blends different genres and soundscapes to give his def rhymes a unique canvas to be unleashed on. Chaotic beats blend seamlessly with psychedelic influences to guarantee a refreshing take on hip-hop that doesn't fit in the mold of it's predecessors. While Mike might not be producing traditional rap songs that would make fans in Detroit, he has pushed the envelope a bit further to a different aesthetic and methodology that is right at home in Austin.


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