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Cowboy Diplomacy Release New Single "No Alibi"

A quartet that dips deep into the blues-influenced well of Texas rock music, Cowboy Diplomacy embraces a sound as big as the state they claim as home. Ian Cohran(Guitar, Vocals), Brad Bentley (Bass), Zac Walden (Lead Guitar), and Matt Leslie (Drums) have taken the Austin live music scene by storm and continue to impress as their stature grows.  Having recorded "No Alibi" at 601 Studios and having it mastered by Howie Weinberg (Wilco, Spoon), Cowboy Diplomacy is using Austin's broad resources to hone their sound. With brash bluesy vocals and titanic guitar squeals, Cowboy Diplomacy's "No Alibi" is a larger than life anthem that will bring crowds out wherever they play.



Tugaloo Blue Brings a Rare Hip-Hop/Bluegrass Hybrid


With a name that reflects his background, Tugaloo Blue taks his Ozark upbringing into a new realm of musical expression.  Bluegrass and hip-hop have rarely met each other in a fluid and listenable way, but for this 21-year old upstart, it comes naturally. A fiddle player from the age of 2 years old, Tugaloo Blue's music reflects his Branson, Missouri roots. Collins 26 is the first release from a musician that took his college experience to explore musically rather than in the classroom. Named after Tugaloo's college dorm address, Collins 26 is the debut release for an artist determined to exist outside the lines of what's been done before.



Parquet Court's frontman announces solo project called A. Savage

Parquet Court's frontman Andrew Savage has always drawn on influences from the South, but now he’s using his new solo project A. Savage to turn up the Western heat. While Parquet Court made use of twangy guitars and Savage's rough, cowboy-like vocals, his upcoming solo album Thawing Dawn uses pointed track titles like "Buffalo Calf Road Woman" and "Wild Wild Horses" to send a clearly Western, nostalgic image. The first single "Winter in the South" (streaming below) retains the mystery of Parquet Court, but is also more organic, rumbling, and lonesome. Texas tour dates begin this week and Thawing Dawn will be out on October 13th. - Allie Miller


Spectral Sea Drops New Single "Three Vultures" From Debut EP

The infectious guitars and pop-infused rhythms of mid-2000's rock continues to reintroduce itself through the charismatic incarnate bands like Spectral Sea. Tenured musicians who cycled through a slew of different acts throughout the years, Spectral Sea brings together an eclectic amalgam of rock n' roll talent. This local quartet has found their voice as they ride the release of their debut Ep Stop/Start. Their first single "Three Vultures" tips the hat to the popular SoCal sounding, emo vocal stylings of the 2000's pop-punk scene. Singer, Al Behnke, navigates the song structure with a creative discipline that emphasizes the pounding chorus' zeniths and isolates the fragile and jangled guitar work.  Spectral Sea plays 9:30 PM on Sunday, August 6th at the Mohawk as they continue to pound the pavement, making sure their name stays on the tips of Austinite's lips.




The Dimaggio's Bring Exhilarating Falsetto'd Rock

Flying under the radar and hailing from Waco, The Dimaggoios are pumping adrenaline through their amphetamined post-punk pop. Vocalist and guitarist, Brian, projects a unique falsetto vocal styling that is akin to Matt Bellamy of Muse. The ebb and flow of their music is theatrical and bombastic, with inspiring builds and euphoric choruses. Songs like "Fast Trip" don't leave room for navel-gazing, and the staccatto guitar riffs keep the listener on edge. The quartet has an upcoming show at the Mohawk with other local bands Honeyrude and The First Part on August 3rd. Get out and experience the Dimaggios firsthand!



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