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Billy King and The Bad Bad Bad Emit Surf Rock From Hell

 It's a rarity to see a band hit the ground running quite like Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad have in the past few months. House shows, a Do512 event, and a few other tune up gigs have all lead up to their much-anticipated upcoming headline show at the Mohawk on July 25th. Ominous drums, twanged guitars, and the otherworldly howl of Will Reynolds all coalesce to evoke a behemoth of a sound that is as sinister as it is hard-hitting. Reynold's impeccable vocals oscillate between a theatrical Screamin' Jay Hawkins and a Southern-styled Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother. Bonham-esque percussion from Marty Chronister serves as the backbone from which the surgical guitar-stylings of Cam Wren spring forth, comprising equal parts power chords and face-melting solos.

 Frills and gimmicks are lacking as this trio smashes through a short but transcendent thread of songs that are now finally available on their debut EP Fever Dreamin'. The jittered punk diddy "Werewolf of Love" is an earworm of the highest order while "The Night Terror" slow-creeps into one the most cathartic choruses of recent memory. Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad don't need time to figure themselves out, they stand ready to unleash their hell fury unto us with wicked abandon, and you'd be a fool to deny their sacrament on July 25th at Mohawk.

-Lee Ackerley

Artists of the Month Glaze share recently released EP “Wasted Mind”

 Deli Austin scene Artists of the Month Glaze have earned this distinction largely on the basis of their recently released EP “Wasted Mind” (streaming in full below).  Combining lively three-piece alternative rock interplay with explosive dreamgaze elements, the four songs make for a compelling listen.  Lead track “No Surprises” features open note arpeggio guitar chords with matched bass figures propelled along by quick pattern high-hat and snare percussion.  Shredding washes of distorted guitar erupt over frenetic drumming as affecting melodies emerges via dramatic background vocals and extended guitar tones.  “Who Can Say” (which contains the EP title lyric) follows with a similar lead in structure while coming at an even quicker pace.  Along with effective quick-stop staccato breaks, there is an overwhelming romantic feel not unlike the gone (but not forgotten) Depreciation Guild (minus that bands chiptune/8 bit music underpinnings). “Mercury” adds a dreamier shimmer while advocating a desire to throw off the “nostalgia” and be “ready to be someone new.”  Final cut “Chow Mein” shifts the mood away from sentimental longings opting for the quiet-to-loud musings of “Surfer Rosa” era Pixies. - Dave Cromwell



Emily Bell Video Underscores Empowerment On "Girls That Never Die"

Emily Bell released her record, Kali, over a year ago but with all that has transpired since, she decided a music video would help visualize that record's overall message - empowerment. The video alternates between shots of the Women's March that happened earlier this year and older footage of past women's marches. The catchy backbeat mixes equal parts Riot Grrl and mainstream rock, with literal lyrics to paint a clear message. Emily Bell continues to create accessible music while ensuring that it serves a greater purpose.



Girls That Never Die by Emily Bell on VEVO.


Knife In the Water Leaves Solace In Its Wake

 A fourteen year hiatus usually proves the death knell on almost any artistic endeavor, save the ones that are fueled by an undying passion.  Knife In The Water has that passion and a healthy dose of integrity to put forth their fifth release, Reproduction. Released in March, 2017 the album is a return to their signature slow unravelling soundscapes that peak blissfully only to return to the spatial solemnity. While there are no propellers attached to this vehicle, the glide is so mesmerizing and soothing that you'll forget where it was you had planned on going.  A tip of the hat to these music veterans who are about to head out on for most of the band, will be their first touring gig in decades.


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