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Wonderbitch Enters Another Reality On "Run Ya"

After two EPs, Oceansoft is Wonderbitch's first full length LP.  True to their unique sound, Oceansoft is a stylish, adventurous throwback to the clean sophistication and calculated funk of yacht rock and 80s RnB/Pop, but with modern sensibility and production in mind.  A couple new members and new influences bring new facets to the smart, the smooth, and the shiny.

"Run Ya" is the first single off the new album which is loosely based around a wild story Wonderbitch dreamed up: 

A group of rich folks out on a yacht in the 1980s hit a storm and get warped to an alternate dimension where money doesn't matter and nature is taking over civilization. A type of Waterworld/American Psycho hybrid that influences a nuanced and experimental sound.


Check Wonderbitch perform for their vinyl release tonight at the Mohawk.  More info can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1534300743327195



Big Bill Releases New Video For "Pharmacy"

The high falsetto warble of Big Bill's nonsensical punk is as energizing as it is entertaining. Formed in 2011 by the Braden brothers, Big Bill continues on Austin's punk legacy with local bands like the Big Boys clearly influencing their sound. The band's debut LP, Stand By Your Bill, comes out on November 17 and "Pharmacy" is one of their first singles. The video, which is directed by Andy Ray Lemon, channels elements of Asian karaoke videos and 80's era elemental video effect. Four random punker girls mime the song's lyrics in one of Big Bill's suprisingly more normal videos with a catchy but morbid lyrics togoalong with it. Big Bill is a perfect mix of humor, anti-establishmentism, musical talent, and the absurd - so support them by buying their debut LP, Stand By Your Bill, when it comes out next Friday.


Worm Suicide Live the Austin Punk Dream

Worm Suicide might have been birthed in Victoria, TX but they have made their spiritual home in Austin for the past two decades. While the lineup has evolved throughout the years, Worm Suicide's nihilistic and unhinged spirit has lasted throughout. Having played on Misfits and GG Allin compilations, the Austin punkers have done their part in furthering punk music while keeping their local live show as exhilirating as ever. The group hasn't lost a step, and was voted the Austin Statesman's best performing punk act of 2016-17 and even recently released Too Hung To Fall In Love in 2017 to continue their constant stream of music. At a time when punk music in Austin is struggling to stay relevant, Worm Suicide, continues to do satan's work by cranking out scummy tunes.



Resonant Frequency Are the Funk Lords That Austin Needs

 Having met at show where they were all performing as solo acts, Resonant Frequency has an aura of destiny about them. The trio of comprehensively talented musicians seem to defy a singular genre, and instead they choose to emit a myriad of styles, influences, and vibes. The overarching hypothesis of Resonant Frequency is to get down and have a good time - which they seem to do in spades, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. In the last few months, the trio has played Euphoria Fest, Float Fest, and opened for Pretty Lights - a run that is enviable by any local Austin band and evidences their mass appeal to crowds. Their third studio EP, Honey Dippin', is a funk-laden oddysey that is as entrancing as it is explorative. The true value in Resonant Frequency is found in their live show of which their next show will be November 19, at Empire Control Room's 4 Year Funkiversary.


#52 of The Deli NYC is online: Guerilla Toss + BK Synth Expo! + Electronic Music Issue

New music seekers,

We have a brand new issue of The Deli NYC available online for you - and it's a gooooood one, can read it here

We are super thrilled to have new DFA Records signee Guerilla Toss on the cover (check out their wonderful single "Skull Pop") streaming below.

This is also our yearly electronic issue, linked to the upcoming Brooklyn Synth Expo, and therefore features:

- An article about the state of the electronic scene in NYC,
- Several Q&As with other electronic NYC artists,
- An ample section dedicated to the gear participating in the Synth Expo.

The paper version will be distributed in NYC around October 20th. 


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